P-File Imaging

The Personnel File (P-File) Imaging training and documentation provides background and assistance to Schools/Colleges/Divisions interested in using electronic imaging to store P-Files.

The P-File Imaging training and documentation materials are divided into the following three modules.

The training and documentation materials are designed for UW–Madison School/College/Division Human Resources staff.

Module 2: Preparing for P-File Imaging

This module provides background on this initiative, outlines steps for Schools/Colleges/Divisions to complete in preparation for P-File imaging adoption, and provides links to resources and documentation.


Upon completion of “Preparing for P-File Imaging” learners will be able to:

  • Describe the steps to prepare for P-File imaging,
  • Recognize the resource investment that is necessary, including staff time and costs for equipment and licensing; and
  • Explain self-service adoption roles and technical assistance from DoIT’s Imaging team.

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Module 3: Personnel File Document Flow Processes and ImageNow Software Procedures

This module provides examples of document flow practices and written step-by-step instructions for performing essential functions using ImageNow software.

Please note that this module does not include a presentation but provides you with essential documentation/resources.


Upon completion of “Personnel File Document Flow Processes and ImageNow Software Procedures” learners will be able to:

  • Describe ways in which electronic and hardcopy documents are received, reviewed, captured, and processed at individual pilot sites.
  • Perform essential functions (e.g., storing, accessing, and securing new and existing P-Files) in ImageNow software.
  • Identify what personnel files should be scanned and what document type, drawer, and effective date should be used for entry into the ImageNow software system.
  • Identify who to contact if help is needed.

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Contact Information

Please contact the Office of Human Resources with questions and to request onboarding consideration: wr@ohr.wisc.edu