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PVL # 99648

Position Summary:
The Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) Research Center in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, seeks to hire an assistant, associate, or senior scientist as a computer scientist/system administrator. The Center will house a Titan Krios and a Talos Arctica (both instruments equipped with the Falcon III detector, the Gatan Bioquantum K3 energy filter-detector combination, and Volta phase plate system); a Talos 120 kV TEM; and an Aquilos cryo-Dual Beam system. A cryo-CLEM microscope for correlative microscopy pipelines will be available. Ancillary specimen preparation equipment is in place.

As a key member of the Cryo-EM Research Center, the primary responsibilities of the Computer Scientist/System Administrator are to identify Cryo-EM computational/imaging related research problems, provide computational expertise in experimental design and provide computational support for the Cryo-EM Research Center's activities. Working with the Center Director and staff, the Computer Scientist/System Administrator develops and uses existing software, pipelines, and database systems to analyze and manage Cryo-EM structural data.

Develops methodologies and provides support associated with the microscope and image detector computers and servers, the Cryo-EM Research Center cluster, and collaborates with other IT units at UW-Madison for cryo-EM structure determination and data interpretation.

The Cryo-EM Center Computer Scientist/System Administrator reports directly to the Cryo-EM Research Center Director.

Principal duties:
Identifies research problems and designs computational methodologies to maximize the operational "up-time" of the electron microscopes, imaging detectors, and other Cryo-EM Center hardware and software pipelines. (10%)

Designs, evaluates, implements, and operates computational pipelines and other computational and image analysis tools for structural studies of cryo-EM imaging data. (10%)

Oversees preliminary data processing and data analysis. Develops skills and knowledge through additional training on cryo-electron microscopes and computational analysis methods to best supervise the use of microscopes/instruments by other Cryo-EM Center staff and investigators/researchers. (10%)

Trains and supervises current and new staff member(s) in the use of Cryo-EM image analysis software, trains and supervises users in Cryo-EM image analysis workflows and supports the Cryo-EM facility and its users' computational needs as the center expands. (15%)

Prepares the results for presentation to professional organizations or for scholarly publications (10%)

Coordinates meetings and works directly with the Cryo-EM Center Director, Operations and Technical Manager and staff, and UW and Biochemistry Department IT personnel to maintain computational hardware and software, including data archiving. (20%)

Supervises maintenance of the computing infrastructure, including Cryo-EM Research Center data archiving, and ensures the equipment is in operational condition. (10%)

Works with the Cryo-EM Center Director and Operations and Technical Manager to facilitate the implementation of scheduling software for the Cryo-EM Center instruments. (10%)

Develops and implements Cryo-EM Center updates and development projects in collaboration with the Cryo-EM Center Director, Operations and Technical Manager, and other staff members. (5%)

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