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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 99384

Position Summary:
The University of Wisconsin-Madison invites applications for the director's position in the Eugene Cameron Electron Microprobe Laboratory housed in the Department of Geoscience. This is a renewable, institutionally-supported position.

Established in 1966, our internationally-recognized lab has a longstanding tradition of excellence in applied and experimental in-situ microanalysis. The lab serves as a hub for interdisciplinary scientific inquiry involving such research fields as meteoritics, geochronology, igneous processes and volcanism, structural deformation and metamorphism, ore deposits, biosignatures of early life, carbonate paleoclimate proxies, thin films, biomaterials, and other engineered materials. The lab includes three instruments - two electron microprobes and a scanning electron microscope - and operates as a cost recovery center. The electron microbeam lab also provides opportunities for hands-on training of students from disciplines across campus.

Principal duties:
The Director of the electron microbeam laboratory oversees the daily operation and maintenance of the instruments (SX51 and SX5FE electron microprobes and Hitachi S3400 VP-SEM). This position will be responsible for supervising staff and assisting users of the instruments, training graduate students to use modern electron beam techniques for characterization and analysis of geological and other solid materials, and and developing new analytical procedures. The Director will contribute to grant proposal writing for instrument improvements and upgrades periodically, and will manage the budget for revenue-generating lab activities. Participation in independent/collaborative research, securing extramural funding, and publication are encouraged.

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