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PVL # 98480

Position Summary:
The Dairy Outreach Program Manager works with faculty, staff, and partners to develop, implement, and support dairy outreach programming and manages the Dairy Extension Program. The Dairy Extension Program is one of several programs within the UW-Madison, Division of Extension Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Agriculture Institute. Relevant programming subject matter could include dairy reproduction, genetics, nutrition, heifer and calf management, milk quality, animal health and welfare, facilities and facilities management and manure management

The Dairy Outreach Program Manager reports directly to the Agriculture Institute Director for management and supervision, hiring and employment authority, employment changes, compensation and benefits, supplies and expense budget, development of their plan of work, and performance reviews.

Principal duties:
60% - Programming Leadership & Coordination
- Manage the activities of the Dairy Extension Program
- Identify new programming needs relevant to emerging topics and educational gaps
- Collaborate with department faculty affiliating with the dairy program area to identify programmatic priorities, research opportunities and emerging issues and collaborate to develop programming to address those priorities and topics
- Coordinate with Dairy Extension personnel to ensure programmatic and educational gaps are being met
- Conduct relevant Dairy programming that is consistent with Extension programmatic goals and objectives
- Cooperate with other Extension personnel to develop strong, integrated Extension programs
- Coordinate, review and assist with coordinating Plans of Work for all programming personnel administratively connected to the Dairy Extension Program Area
- Plan and implement appropriate impact evaluations and reports to document program effectiveness
- Provide support to teams and team leaders affiliated with the Dairy Extension Program Area

10% - Partnership Management
- Liaise between other Extension Program Managers, Institute Directors, and Associate Deans to manage shared resources
- Coordinate programming efforts with program affiliates housed at other campuses in order to fulfill annual programming plans
- Represent Division of Extension and provide educational leadership with program-related agencies and educational institutions
- Maintain and expand partnerships with public and private partners working on Dairy topics

10% - Revenue Generation
- Maintain existing revenue streams that currently support programs under the scope of the Dairy Extension Program
- Develop new and unique revenue opportunities that align with the programmatic and disciplinary focus of the Dairy Extension Program

10% - Diversity & Inclusion
- Create and support a diverse and inclusive workforce and ensure compliance with civil rights requirements
- Identify needs and develop plans that address the needs of diverse and underserved audiences appropriate for the Extension Program's focus and encourage/support outreach efforts for these audiences

5% - Personnel Management
- Provide oversight and strategic programmatic guidance as needed to staff
- Recruit, interview and manage any personnel directly reporting to the Outreach Program Manager

5% - Budget Management
-Develop, manage and allocate budgets for the Dairy Extension Program Area
- Communicate with Institute Director to strategize diversified funding opportunities

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