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PVL # 97220

Position Summary:
The University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC), Division of Population Science is committed to identifying effective approaches to reduce the burden of cancer for patients, their families, and communities. Our guiding principles in this effort are multidisciplinary collaboration, health equity, passion for our research, partnership with our communities, and innovation. This position will implement and support the research and outreach initiatives of the UWCCC and represent the Associate Director of Population Science and the UWCCC Population Science units.

The primary role of this position includes planning, implementation, and coordination of activities in the:
1. Population Science division as a whole;
2. Population Science units including the Cancer Prevention & Control Scientific Program, Cancer Prevention Outcomes Data (C-POD) shared resource, Cancer Health Disparities Initiative (CHDI), and Outreach;
3. UWCCC as a whole.

The Assistant Director is responsible for coordinating all aspects of UWCCC Population Science and Outreach. This Assistant Director of Population Science and Outreach reports to the Associate Director of Population Science and works with leaders of the Population Science units in performing the duties of the position. The Assistant Director plans and coordinates activities to maximize the strategic position of the division. The Assistant Director will also work closely with the UWCCC Associate Director of Administration.

Principal duties:
Manage UWCCC Population Science activities (20%)
-Support the UWCCC Associate Director of Population Science in leading the UWCCC Population Science division.
-Work with UWCCC Director of Team Science and Research Development to develop and support initiatives and processes to increase interaction between Population Science units and other UWCCC scientific programs, including planning, budget creation & oversight, development, implementation, and evaluation of a new initiative to support specific projects conducted in collaboration with a Population Sciences unit.
-Support the Cancer Prevention & Control Program Leaders, the Director of Outreach, and the Director of the Cancer Health Disparities Initiative to achieve their unit goals.
-Facilitate the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of initiatives and processes to increase interaction between UWCCC members and units outside the UWCCC as a means to facilitate cancer research and outreach
-Represent Population Science leadership in coordinating with the UWCCC regarding cancer center core grant (CCSG) proposal development, planning activities and program development. Lead in development of shared resource and COE budgets.
-Coordinate and conduct long and short term planning, periodic monitoring and program evaluation in Population Science. Work with administration to monitor Pop Sci budget.
-Plan and coordinate the development of cancer-related data for research purposes, working closely with the Associate Director for Population Science and the Faculty Supervisor of the Cancer Prevention and Outcomes Data shared resource.

Build programmatic capacity in Community Outreach and Engagement (COE, 40%)
-Promote engagement of UWCCC members in outreach and health disparities activities.
-Identify and track all COE-related activities conducted across the UWCCC, as well as other relevant work happening on the UW campus, with a focus on the COE section for the CCSG. Develop metrics to measure COE activities, outputs, and outcomes. Lead development of the COE CCSG section, metrics and evaluation.
-Work with Associate Directors and Program Leaders to integrate COE data and priorities into all 6 scientific programs, facilitating investigators with guidance and materials (data, content) to include catchment area priorities into grant proposals and research activities.
-Work with UWCCC leadership to identify catchment area priorities for research investments and strategic planning, and to identify scientists conducting promising research that can be disseminated and implemented to benefit the catchment area.
-Provide support to UWCCC researchers writing grant applications with a population science component, including health disparities or community-based research. Support will include advising on dissemination and implementation of evidence-based interventions, writing proposal sections, and providing/interpreting COE data.
-Work with Outreach and the Cancer Health Disparities Initiative to identify community groups concerned with reducing the cancer burden and to develop a strategic plan to increase community participation in UWCCC research.
-Work with the Cancer Health Disparities Initiative, IT4C, and CRCO to develop an understanding of UWCCC clinical trials in relation to the catchment area and community needs, and to increase participation of underrepresented minorities in clinical trials.
-Monitor the enrollment of participants in Cancer Prevention & Control program studies, with attention to a wide variety of study designs, and coordinate enrollment monitoring with the UWCCC administration including IT4C.
-Develop and provide training to UWCCC researchers regarding working with community organizations and underrepresented populations.

Manage the staff and coordinate activities of the Cancer Prevention & Control Scientific Program, the Cancer Prevention and Outcomes Data (C-POD) shared resource, the Cancer Health Disparities Initiative (CHDI), and Outreach (30%)
-Coordinate and participate in planning Cancer Prevention & Control program events, including retreats and quarterly meetings.
-In collaboration with the Cancer Prevention & Control Scientific Program, develop and support initiatives and processes to increase effective mentoring of UWCCC members at junior, mid-career, and senior levels with a focus on connecting with and utilizing UWCCC resources for increased productivity and interactions.
-Develop and support a process for recruiting new UWCCC members to the Cancer Prevention & Control Scientific Program, with a focus on population scientists; monitor member activities (e.g. grant and publications) relevant to the Cancer Prevention & Control Scientific Program.
-Provide oversight and management of C-POD, CHDI, and Outreach staff including recruitment, hiring, and supervision with periodic performance reviews.

Coordinate/participate in UWCCC center-wide activities in collaboration with UWCCC staff (10%)
-Participate on UWCCC leadership teams to conduct strategic planning, develop, and implement new initiatives and grant proposals.
-Collect and disseminate information between UWCCC administration and leadership, Population Science faculty and staff, and other UWCCC programmatic areas.
-Oversee UWCCC for Researchers website content related to Population Science and its units, including annual review, design and content of new pages, editing and ease of use.
-Coordinate and participate in planning center-wide events as needed, such as the Annual Cancer Center employee retreat and the annual fall cancer conference.
-Participate in activities related to UWCCC administration, including communication and collaboration with other Assistant Directors.

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