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PVL # 241427

Position Summary:
The Paradyn project is a world leader in tools for the analyzing, instrumenting and modifying binary code, with applications in performance measurement, debugging, testing, software security, forensics, and many others. Our tools are used in research and commercial products around the world, including being an integral part of Red Hat's SystemTap tool. This is a chance to join a team that develops new ideas and techniques in binary code analysis and modification, AND produces release-quality software to support academia, government and industry.

Principal duties:
55% Develops and implements increasingly complex research methodologies, procedures, and criteria

20% Research software design,development, testing, documentation and release

10% Conducts literature reviews, prepares reports and materials, co-authors publications, and disseminates information to appropriate entities

10% Trains individuals and groups on equipment operations, research protocols, and techniques within a specialized laboratory or research area

5% Assists in developing grant applications and proposals to secure research funding .

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