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PVL # 240823

Position Summary:
WIDA, an organization within the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, provides trusted tools and resources for educators of multilingual learners in early care and education programs through Grade 12 ( WIDA offers a fully integrated, research-based academic language development system, including language standards, assessments, professional learning, research, and technical assistance. For a brief overview of WIDA, you can view our introduction video at This position will be housed within WIDA's Assessment Department and report to the Senior Director of Assessment. The Director of Assessment Operations will oversee and direct the operational components of WIDA's online and paper assessments, oversee assessment contracts and vendor relationships, manage the operations department's budget, and will collaborate with Assessment Leadership and other relevant WIDA stakeholders on a vision for the future of WIDA's assessments.
Requests to work remotely would need to be reviewed based on the UW and School of Education (SoE) remote work policies and go through the SoE implementation process. To learn more about these policies, visit

WIDA is committed to challenging linguistic discrimination, cultural biases, and racism in education. WIDA values linguistic and cultural diversity both as an end and a means for success in the field of education. As such, we strongly encourage applications from a diverse pool of candidates who champion social justice as a core value.

Principal duties:
* Direct and manage a team of project managers supporting WIDA¿s portfolio of assessments (ACCESS, K-ACCESS, K-Screener, WIDA Screener, Alternate ACCESS, and MODEL), which includes hiring, promoting, establishing tasks, goals and objectives, conducting performance evaluations, and approving leave time.
* Serve as primary operational contact between WIDA and WIDA¿s portfolio of assessment vendors.
* Coordinate cross-departmental communications regarding ACCESS operational administration, including overseeing the creation and communication of a high-level ACCESS project plan.
* Participate in and provide support for the WIDA Board¿s assessment-related subcommittees and serve as one of the WIDA representatives to the Assessment Development and Implementation Subcommittee
* Support the management of the ACCESS assessment Operation Team¿s annual budget. Monitor and assist the Senior Director of Assessment in managing the ACCESS operational budget.
* Coordinate assessment technology activities in collaboration with the Director of Information Technology.
* Support the successful implementation of the technology required for the successful implementation of the annual administration of ACCESS.
* Oversee and manage project plans associated with the operational implementation of new and continuing ACCESS test content.
* Collaborate with WIDA¿s Test Development Director to assure on-time and on-budget test development deliverables.
* Assign and direct and the Assessment Project Management Team to create charters, contracts, and/or schedules as necessary to support special project implementation.
* Track resource expectations, timelines, and deliverables and communicate that information to the Assessment Development Director and the Senior Director of Assessment, communicate and coordinate activities with external vendor as required.
* Review and provide input on WIDA annual MOUs and scope of work documents for the WIDA development and psychometric vendor and production, distribution, scoring, and reporting vendor.
* Assist in cataloging, organizing, and preparing methods to communicate required contracts, contracted and MOU deliverables related to WIDA¿s assessments.
* Assist the Senior Director of Assessment in establishing the Assessment Division¿s annual and long-term goals and objectives consistent with WIDA mission and strategic priorities.
* Represent WIDA at meetings, on boards, committees, and commissions on matters related to assessment, research, and evaluation, and perform other related duties as assigned.

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