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PVL # 240322

Position Summary:
Are you someone who likes working with people and with computers? The Center for Healthy Minds is looking for a new system administrator to build and maintain our IT infrastructure. As a member of CHM's Research Support Core (RSC), you would be a part of a team that provides the technical foundation for work across our organization. Each member of the RSC has a primary area of expertise and collaborates to support CHM's technical needs and troubleshoot day-to-day issues.

This position will maintain the Center's core computing infrastructure: desktops, laptops, printing, and servers. As part of our ongoing growth, we will be building a new server environment that needs to work with our Mac and Windows office desktops and existing Linux-based servers. This member of our team would be doing the bulk of that configuration.

This person will be primarily responsible for desktop support, networking, and firewall administration at one main and two satellite facilities (~150 devices), as well as security and HIPAA compliance, automated deployment, backups, and helping our team build and maintain specialized hardware for research data collection. Ability to support diverse internal and external stakeholders and contribute to an equitable and inclusive work environment is a must.

As a member of the Center's Research Support Core, this role may also support research presentation and data acquisition hardware and software.

The Center for Healthy Minds (CHM) was founded and is led by neuroscientist Richard J. Davidson. CHM's mission is to cultivate well-being and relieve suffering through a scientific understanding of the mind. CHM is a leader in rigorous, interdisciplinary, basic and translational research aimed at understanding the mind and how to nurture well-being in ourselves and others. CHM communicates these findings to the world, inspires scientists to conduct further research and engages influencers to shift the culture to embrace well-being.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to achieving the vision of the Center for Healthy Minds - to create a kinder, wiser, more compassionate world. We seek candidates with an awareness of, commitment to, and experience in applying the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion across all spectrums.

Principal duties:
30% Design, build, and maintain core infrastructure: desktops, laptops, printing, servers
10% Design, maintain, and document interfaces between Center-based and campus-wide research computing resources
5% Maintain networking and firewall configuration for one main and two satellite facilities on campus network
30% Provide user support to a diverse community of faculty, scientists, staff, and students including account creation, onboarding, general support inquiries, and unique needs
5% Write and maintain documentation for end user support
5% Develop and maintain clear procedures for collaborative support of infrastructure
5% Monitor security access and regulatory compliance, and develop and implement security policies and procedures
10% Contribute to general technical Center needs as a member of the Research Support Core

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