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PVL # 239906

Position Summary:
The Arts Residency Programs Coordinator organizes the development and delivery of the Division of the Arts' innovative artist-in-residence programs. In this role, you'll work closely with UW-Madison faculty and renowned national and international artists to build relationships across departments, engage students in interdisciplinary course work, and invite the greater Madison community to participate in public events. The position also assists with policy development and organizes resources to promote stable and productive relationships among the Division, campus, and local community and to expand and ensure access to programs, facilities, and educational services to diverse audiences.

Principal duties:
Job Responsibilities:
- Schedules and secures logistics and resources in support of arts residency programs (40%)
- Identifies, promotes, and maintains internal and external partnerships to promote arts residency programs (20%)
- Directs the implementation of arts residency program policies and procedures (10%)
- Tracks and manages program budgets (10%)
- Generates and supplies program content for publicity and promotion (10%)
- Schedules day-to-day activities for program staff and student and community volunteers (5%)
- Identifies opportunities for program improvement or new outreach program development (5%)

- Coordinates the Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program (IARP), the Interdisciplinary Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program (IART); the International Visiting Artist Program (IVAP); and any related programs as directed, from proposal selection and planning through final report and evaluation
- Works with partners and Division staff to coordinate small and large-scale events in support of the residency programs
- Participates in the Division's Academic Affairs Committee, supporting appropriate academic oversight for arts residency courses
- Gathers, reports, and analyzes program data for reporting, assessment, and improvement
- Manages and updates all Integrated Arts course listings, using the Student Information System (SIS)
- Improves opportunities and climate for underrepresented students through the arts, in collaboration with campus stakeholders

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