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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 239574

Position Summary:
Assists with the management of the operations for the PBS Wisconsin news department. Supervises broadcast and digital video content production and staff, provides editorial guidance, and may contribute content. Responsible for producing award-winning, statewide, weekly television and digital news analysis programs and projects that cover state issues and politics. Also responsible for shared oversight of the project websites. Produces other news and public affairs specials as assigned. This position reports to the News Director.

Principal duties:
1) Supervise the PBS Wisconsin news reporters in collaboration with the News Director, providing editorial guidance while assigning and editing work in a diverse, inclusive work environment.
2) Utilize high journalistic standards to oversee and produce deadline-driven broadcast news production and projects, as well as digital news articles, audio and video content that represent the full diversity of Wisconsin.
3) Line produce live and prerecorded programs.
4) Strategically develop and manage news projects, workflows and budgets, in consultation with News Director.
5) Maintain extensive knowledge of issues, events and newsmakers across the state.
6) Identify new and maintain existing working relationships with experts, state and federal elected officials and other newsmakers in related areas of news coverage.
7) Closely collaborate with PBS Wisconsin┬┐s social media and digital managers, Digital News Editor and News Director to create public interaction and dissemination of engaging content through social media.
8) Collaborate with Wisconsin Public Radio, PBS Wisconsin Education team and other PBS Wisconsin content creators, to create journalism-related projects and coordinate production needs.
9) Stay current on best practices in broadcast and online journalism and recommend ways to enhance PBS Wisconsin┬┐s offerings.
10) Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

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