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PVL # 239400

Position Summary:
The Continuing Education Program Director will lead the non-credit programming unit at UW-Madison¿s Division of Continuing Studies (DCS), led by its dean and vice provost for lifelong learning. Following a significant reshaping in 2020, the noncredit unit develops programs that are responsive and adaptive to educational needs and interests of scalable lifelong learner audiences, per market research and external inputs. Special emphasis is placed on outreach to residents of the state in keeping with the Wisconsin Idea ethos of extending benefits of Wisconsin¿s flagship, land grant institution to every household.

The director will report to the DCS Associate Dean for Professional Programming, an area with a successful record of developing professional degrees and certificates. With guidance from the Associate Dean, the director will employ a start-up approach to building a sustainable model for noncredit offerings, combining social value creation, in the form of relevant and impactful educational experiences, with economic viability, indicated by participating lifelong learners.

To aid this endeavor, the Director will also collaborate with various stakeholders both on and off campus to design and implement advisory boards composed of state industry and cross-sector leaders to gain insights on program decisions.

The successful leader of the non-credit unit will contribute to the DCS commitment to excellence in teaching and educational attainment, per the chancellor¿s strategic framework and the provost¿s academic priorities. The unit is well poised to factor significantly in the DCS dean¿s overarching priorities of growing the number of lifelong learners, increasing access among populations facing barriers, and providing pathways for continuous engagement with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Principal duties:
- Directs the planning and implementation of strategic initiatives for the unit, and establishes and directs operational objectives in support of, and alignment with, the strategy(ies) to ensure appropriate use of financial, administrative, and staffing resources
- Exercises supervisory authority, including hiring, transferring, suspending, promoting, managing conduct and performance, discharging, assigning, rewarding, disciplining, and/or approving hours worked of at least 2.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees
- Develops and audits the unit budget
- Develops operating policies and procedures to comply with regulations, institutional policies, and unit objectives
- Contributes to the development of financial models and strategies for alternative technologies, credentials and infrastructure systems that expand the noncredit student digital ecosystem
- Partners with the Professional Degrees and Certificates offerings to build connections between programs to drive revenue growth and enrollment at a minimum of 10% per year
- Serves as a collaborator with, and liaison to, envisioned stakeholder-advisor groups, gaining market insight on continuing education needs, opportunities, and strategies

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