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PVL # 238393

Position Summary:
This position is supervised by the Director of the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health (WI-ORH), and acts as the Financial Coordinator for the entire departmental unit. To do so requires accounting, book-keeping and auditing duties of advanced complexity, and a thorough understanding of all programmatic budgets, grant-funded or contracted deliverables, and deadlines. This position works with federal and state grants, fee-for-service contracts, and a myriad of UW and SMPH entities with their own rules and policies.

The candidate must exercise initiative, proper judgment, and independent decision-making to find knowledge from external sources (the School, Campus, State and Federal Agencies, the web) and learn a myriad of policies, from the WI-ORH and SMPH to those externally mandated by the UW campus and system, other state agencies, the Internal Revenue Service and other external entities.

The School of Medicine and Public Health has a deep and profound commitment to diversity both as an end in itself but also as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, we strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
A. Provide accounting and financial management for the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health, including managing, reconciling, auditing account records for Wisconsin Office of Rural Health. (65%)
A1. Independently prepare budgets, record receipts, disburse funds, and track expenditures as required by grantor and within UW regulations for the use of funds from all federal and state grants.
A2. Monitor ledgers, create invoice, receipt, and tracking documentation for WI-ORH expenditures, provide monthly updates to Director, and assure appropriate use of funds for all fiscal transactions involving 136 and MAMA school funds.
A3. Prepare, track, and assure timely payments and receivables. Act as the primary contact with all external entities on fiscal matters.
A4. Record, track, and seek to collect on payments and delinquent fees from hospitals, clinics, providers and other clients.
A5. Draft, process, manage, track, and assure timely processing of Academic Support Service Agreements, Direct Payments, Inter-Departmental payments and other UW financial forms.
A6. Review posted transactions and reconcile department accounts; investigate the discrepancies and pursue adjustments as needed.
A7. Reconcile unique and recurring billings for UW departments and their associated accounts against services received. Prepare billings for submission to UW accounting, purchasing, SMPH Financial Department. Compile and type invoices for services rendered to non- departmental customers.
A8. Calculate monthly overhead charges to WI-ORH grants, contracts, and Purchasing Agreements; compile and type internal transfer documents and submit to SMPH Financial staff and UW Purchasing.
A9. Compile, generate and track invoices for Physician recruitment program; reconcile cash receipts for the revolving recruitment activities for both the Physician Placement Program, and additional fee-for- service programs as they develop.
A10. Set up and maintain corresponding accounts receivable and payable ledgers by posting revenue data to the appropriate ledgers. Compile and create deposit documentation and submit deposits to UW.
A11. Compile and generate invoices for any services provided by the WI-ORH.
A12. Set up and maintain bad debt files that involve customer contact via telephone, written correspondence, and re-invoicing. This requires working knowledge of UW cash control procedures to ensure proper management of bad debts.

B. Develop, review and analyze all WI-ORH budgets, and advise Director on budgetary implications for grants, agreements, overall operating budget. (15%)
B1. Work closely with all staff to ensure proper recording and reporting of all financial transactions.
B2. Supervise and collaborate with staff to reconcile in-house financial records with WISER and other UW financial mechanisms.
B3. Monitor personnel commitments on federal and state grants, as well as fee-for-service contracts, and interfaces with the HRS system, making necessary changes and tracking it for accuracy.
B4. Assist RSP with year-end closing of financial records and the distribution of year end payments
B5. Assume responsibility and accountability for proper controls and accuracy of each transaction
B6. Process data received from Program Managers, Director, and SMPH sources into financial reports for review by Director and Program Managers.
B7. Consult and advise the staff, the director, and the SMPH Financial Staff regarding budgeting projections and upcoming commitments. Expedite processing of any corresponding budget adjustments.
B8. Act as liaison between WI-ORH team and SMPH/UW Financial and HR/Payroll departments.
B9. Distribute confidential payroll and other financial information to staff

C. Travel reimbursement Activities (10%)
C1. Approve employee travel expense requests to ensure adherence to WI-ORH, SMPH/UW, and State of WI travel regulations.
C2. Audit travel receipts and documents submitted by non-employee consultants. Prepare consultant reimbursement requests. Ensure that all necessary receipts are attached. Obtain necessary signatures and route through UW channels for reimbursement.
C3. Make account classification decisions; prepare disbursements (payments requests); distribute copies as required; respond to and resolve inquiries from vendors, staff, and Director.
C4. Establish and maintain digital files for timely retrieval of data and source documents.
C5. Provide interpretation and information to each staff member and occasional external contractors regarding the many UW and State of WI travel guidelines and regulations, and instruct on proper preparation of travel reports.
C6. Act as a primary contact for resolution of payment problems, determining and correcting errors in processing, with input from SMPH Financial Department and Director as needed.
C7. Inform staff, consultants, and Director about changes to guidelines and regulations.
C8. Conduct travel training with new employees.

D. Event Planning Oversight (5%)
D1. Oversee and collaborate with staff when planning conferences and meetings held on and off campus, making sure UW policies and procedures are followed.
D2. Oversee and collaborate with staff on event scheduling, coordination of catering, lodging and facility needs.
D3. Track conference expenditures and commitments by reviewing contracts, agreements and deadlines.
D4. Monitor and process all internal and external requisitions and various expenditure forms used in conferences and meetings held on and off campus.
D5. Ensure that contracts are upheld by all parties and that their implementation meets the needs of the WI-ORH.
D6. Ensure that participant and mailing lists are created, supervise the organization of event materials and implement online program registration, responding to questions from registrants and performing cost adjustments and refunds.
D7. Provide administrative, planning and contract-negotiation support to prepare for and implement workshops, conferences, teleconference calls and webinars (may include occasional state travel).

E Provide Office Oversight (5%)
E1. Supervise, or depending on staffing, monitor office supply inventory and equipment condition, order supplies and call for appropriate repair and maintenance.
E2. Manage paper and electronic information for the office.
E3. Provide other administrative assistance to the Director and Program Managers as needed.
E4. Other duties as assigned.

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