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PVL # 238221

Position Summary:
Under general supervision of the Financial Program Manager, this position provides critical oversight for the administrative team of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP). The position coordinates complex administrative activities among RSP staff members and University research administrators at various levels. This position must also have knowledge related to federal, state and local government agency sponsors, Foundations, Non-profit organizations and Associations. They must establish and maintain communication links with other external constituencies and assist visitors. In addition, the position processes procurement card transactions and monitors these activities. This position manages the reception areas for RSP, answer phones and be the face of RSP. Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to: calendar scheduling for 500 meetings annually for internal and external committees, and other events, oversee supply requisitions, maintain and update databases, maintenance of files and email lists, shipping, and direction of student hourly employees.

This position requires considerable independent initiative and judgment and a high level of administrative problem-solving and analytic ability. This position requires excellent management and administrative skills, exemplary oral and written communication skills, and human relations skills are mandatory. Excellent organizational skills are essential for success in this position. The employee will act in a consultative role to the RSP Management Team.

Principal duties:
A. 35% Provide administrative support for a wide range of topics for more than 90 staff members. (35%)
1. Coordinate administrative systems to facilitate the day-to-day workflow of RSP tasks. Delegate projects as appropriate and assure timely completion. Schedule and supervise work activities of student hourly employees. Make recommendations to the management team regarding resources.
2. Oversee use of ImageNow program for mail processing to capture and store award documents. Maintain integrity of each document for internal purposes as well as for inspection by Internal Auditing, Wisconsin State Auditors, Federal Auditors, and auditors of other funding agencies.
3. Respond to and advise on questions related to pre- and post-award research administration for the entire campus. This includes Principal Investigators, department research administrators, Dean's Offices, sponsor representatives, the general public, peer institutions, faculty, and staff.
4. Independently identify problem areas within RSP, such as staff requirements, technology needs, etc. Research and recommend product and process improvements to the management team.
5. Assume direct responsibility for coordinating all internal electronic distribution lists and shared address books utilized by RSP. Oversee distribution of departmental keys and retrieval of keys for all new employees and from terminating employees. Maintain complete and accurate records on key distribution.
6. Initiate routine requests for facility repair issues (e.g., heating, plumbing). Contact department building and grounds supervisor or contact internal sources directly for resolution. Follow up with updates on progress of previous requests. Participate in "Shared Space" and "Building Managers" committees of 21 N. Park St.
7. Independently initiate any required billing, prepare, and track all internal and external financial transactions including invoices and requisitions. This requires remaining up to date on University financial policies and procedures including interpretation and application of any changes in these policies.

B. 25% Provide research administration support to RSP pre-award and post-award staff.
1. Through use of multiple electronic systems, oversee routing of critical incoming documents related to time-sensitive proposals and agreements and ensure proper assignment to RSP pre- award and post-award staff. Use and understanding of electronic tools including WISPER, WISDM, Subaward Tracking, Award lookup and others is critical.
2. Respond to unpredictable needs, demands, and dynamic priorities as directed by RSP Management Team in a timely and professional manner regarding emergency grant proposal submission, contract negotiation, establishment of spending accounts, invoicing, or audits.
3. Maintain accurate information provided on RSP website and RSP intranet. Keep content up- to-date, research, find accurate content, and ensure consistency across pages.
4. Advise internal and external research administrators regarding relevant sources of information and staff expertise, as well as interpret University, State, and departmental policies and procedures.

C. 20% Management, planning, coordination, and promotion of approximately 500 staff meetings and other events each year.
1. Oversee coordination of meetings for RSP staff and programs. Reserve meeting space, audiovisual materials, make appropriate arrangements and notify participants of date, time, and location of meetings.
2. Maintain oversight of the RSP room reservation system. Ensure that room reservations are handled according to departmental guidelines.
3. Advise or respond to related inquiries from staff regarding travel arrangements. Use website tools and resources to determine domestic lodging limits, per diem rates and rental car contract rates.
4. Perform travel approver duties for travel reimbursement reports: review supporting documentation, expense reimbursements for policy compliance, and the funding being charged.

D. 10% Administrative liaison with Human Resources for recruitment, hiring, and other personnel efforts.
1. Coordinate schedules with the management team (and others) to interview potential candidates. Assist recruitment efforts by answering procedural questions, scheduling interviews, coordinate reference checks and other necessary background information required within RSP and Human Resources Office prior to hiring new employees.
2. Process appropriate reimbursement costs for candidate recruitment and relocation expenses.
3. Work with hiring supervisor to coordinate all personnel activity (e.g., hiring) for RSP administrative team and oversee student hiring process.
4. Oversee time management reporting in HRS system for RSP administrative students.

E. 5% Serve as the RSP procurement card and accounting liaison.
1. Oversee procurement card activities and delegate purchase duties to appropriate staff members.
2. Serve as office representative for establishing, practicing, and providing training and support for using the E-Reimbursement online system. Work with staff, to maintain timely and accurate processing of claims. Serve as alternate designee if needed.
3. Organize invoices and receipts for bi-weekly procurement card statements. Contact appropriate individuals for required documentation. Contact vendor for needed documents or verification of procard purchases.
4. Assist with various procurement card audits when request for information is required. Assemble appropriate documentation related to audit request. Provide background information (e.g., invoices, packing slips, agendas, list of participants) related to specific purchase or transaction.
5. Provide documentation for Direct Payment processing by department fiscal office. Collect invoice and funding information to ensure efficient processing of transaction.

F. 5% Other duties as assigned

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