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PVL # 237752

Position Summary:
The Department Administrator directs the overall administrative and financial activities for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Department of Neurological Surgery with unique linkage to and responsibilities for the UW Medical Foundation physician group practice. This position participates in the short-term and long-term strategic and program planning, development and implementation and provides executive leadership for the Department. The position entails a high level of complexity and requires a high degree of initiative and personal responsibility.

The Department Administrator serves as a member of the Department Executive Leadership, working closely with the Chair, Vice Chairs, and Section Chiefs to lead and direct the administrative activities of a robust academic department and implement its strategic missions. The Department Administrator serves as the designee of and reports directly to the Chair and together they are jointly responsible for the conduct and activity of the Department. In collaboration with the Chair, Vice Chairs and Section Chiefs, the Administrator plans, directs, coordinates, controls, monitors, and evaluates all administrative and financial operations and activities to achieve the Department's missions of clinical care, research, education and service.

The Department conducts its mission related activities in a wide range of locations and the Administrator will have a collaborative working relationship with multiple organizations. These organizations include, but are not limited to: UW School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (UWHC), UW Medical Foundation (UWMF), Veterans Administration Hospital (VA), UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital, UW Foundation and other hospitals and clinics. In addition, the Department has close working relationships with other University Schools and Departments, such as the College of Engineering, UW Graduate School and the Waisman Center and also collaborates with external agencies such as the NIH, NSF and AHA.

The School of Medicine and Public Health has a deep and profound commitment to diversity both as an end in itself but, also as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, we strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
20% LEADERSHIP: Recommend, develop and manage department strategies, policies, programs and activities as requested by the Chair. Develop and write business plans and proposals on strategic initiatives (e.g. workforce plans, faculty recruitment, infrastructure, new program/service development, etc.). Provide information and make recommendations as needed to the Chair. Provide information to faculty on policies, programs and initiatives. Represent the department at meetings and in the negotiations of financial and professional services contracts with providers, private industry, regional and community hospitals and federal government agencies. Prepare and monitor contracts and ensure timely review by respective legal entities. Collaborate with and create memoranda of understanding with other UW departments for joint programs. Serve on department SMPH, UW Health, UW and other committees. Participate in statewide, regional and national group meetings and committees.

20% FINANCIAL: Serve as the Department Chief Financial Officer with primary responsibility for the oversight and management of the budgets and accounts including but not limited to SMPH, UWMF, UWHC, UW Foundation, R&D, research and grant funds, gift funds and in-kind contributions, the faculty compensation plan, the year-end true-up and merit programs. Prepare, direct and manage the department operating budgets and accounts. Develop financial strategies, initiatives and new funding sources. Negotiate financial and contractual arrangements with UW Health, other hospitals and clinics, other UW departments, extramural sponsors and state and federal agencies. Monitor and report to the Chair on the financial operations of the Department. Develop budgetary projections and scenarios to maximize available services and uses of resources. Ensure compliance with all Federal, State, University, sponsor and payer guidelines, regulations and laws.

20% PLANNING: Partner with the Chair to provide leadership for the Department's long term (strategic) and short-term planning processes, establishing planning objectives, timelines and measures of success. Coordinate and conduct analyses and recommend a course of action, or actions, to the Chair. Provide leadership for needs assessment and market analysis for new clinical, teaching and research programs and services.

15% HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Coordinate and manage SMPH and UW Health human resource activities involving recruitment, appointment, evaluation, compensation, promotion, compensation and professional development for faculty, academic and university staff. Supervise administrative members of the department leadership team. Oversee the department human resource infrastructure.

10% RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION: Oversee the administration of department research programs, strategic planning, research development and the department research infrastructure. Work with the Chair and Vice Chair of Research in planning, guiding, directing, and approving new programs and teams to carry out the research mission of the Department.

5% EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION: Oversee the administration of department education programs, strategic planning and education infrastructure. Work with the Chair, the residency program director, the medical student director, faculty and staff to plan, guide, and direct programs and teams to carry out the education mission of the Department.

5% SPACE: Manage department office, teaching and research space assignment. Represent the Department in the development and design of space. Measure the utilization of research and clinical space. Ensure department space is in compliance with fire and safety codes. Coordinate the accurate completion of space surveys.

5% INFORMATION SYSTEMS: Manage and provide oversight for the Department's Information Technology Systems (IT) infrastructure, systems and equipment. Provide direction to the IS staff regarding the computer infrastructure. Set priorities for the IS staff and ensure efficient project management. Plan, coordinate, direct and ensure IS infrastructure meets the ever-changing technology needs of the department.

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