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PVL # 237721

Position Summary:
The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Office of Strategic Consulting is a dynamic internal consulting and project management office that works with campus executives, faculty, and staff across the university. Our mission is to enhance organizational effectiveness at UW-Madison by supporting strategic initiatives, change, and improvement efforts while building organizational capacity (i.e., increasing organizational knowledge and skills). The Capacity Building Lead is a newly created position that will be responsible for designing and coordinating a comprehensive program to build organizational capacity across our different service areas, which include strategic planning, process improvement, organizational and program design, enhancing department culture and climate (including attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion), coaching, change management, and project management. In addition to coordinating with our internal consultants and project managers on in-project, just-in-time learning opportunities, the incumbent in this position will help develop and disseminate educational resources for our campus partners, sponsor and facilitate communities of practice, and manage several professional development events.

Principal duties:
Program and curriculum design and development (60%)
- Conduct an organizational needs assessment(s) to identify gaps and opportunities for capacity building across our service areas, ensuring alignment with campus strategic priorities.
- In collaboration with Strategic Consulting staff, develop resources and programming in response to identified needs.
- Ensure that capacity building offerings address a wide range of skill levels and learning styles (e.g., ranging from self-service resources to intensive workshops and conferences) and that accessibility of offerings is a top priority.
- Modify professional development offerings in response to periodic assessment data.
- Work collaboratively with the director, fiscal manager, and others to build a sustainable program and identify appropriate resources in support of the emerging vision (e.g., develop a strategic business plan, pursue additional funding streams, and broaden the program's reach over time).

Program Assessment (10%)
- Establish and measure learning outcomes.
- Create an assessment program for the overall capacity building program, as well as evaluations of individual events and activities.

Event coordination and management (25%)
- Manage the planning and execution of our annual Showcase event, Lunch & Learn series, and other events and conferences.
- Through networking on and off campus, develop and curate a list of expert, esteemed, and diverse potential event speakers and workshop presenters.
- Develop event budgets to identify and manage resource needs.
- Work collaboratively with other Strategic Consulting staff members (in areas related to logistics and communications) to ensure that event planning is timely and effective.
- Employ technology to deliver professional development/educational workshops and materials via asynchronous methods including the delivery of audio and video via the Internet and/or satellite broadcast.

Other (5%)
- Support continuous improvement, employee engagement, and a positive work environment.

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