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PVL # 237602

Position Summary:
This position is responsible for the coordination of all revenue accounting for the Campus Events Services Office, including conferences, meetings and event planning services. Under general supervision, this position invoices all such events, communicates with customers regarding billing issues, and tracks and performs debt collection services for all accounts receivable payments for all Wisconsin Union conference and event services. This position is a member of the Union Accounting Office, but works very closely with staff of the Campus Event Services Office, as well as other Union staff.

Thorough knowledge of applicable University of Wisconsin guidelines and requirements and the ability to apply them is required. In addition, a thorough understanding and following of general accounting practices, including strong internal controls, is also required.

Principal duties:
A.Manage the invoicing and recording of revenues for meeting planning and event services.
A1. Assist internal and external customers by email, by telephone, and in person relating to deposits and billings of conferences, meetings, and other events.
A2. Produce and distribute invoices to customers for all closed events on a weekly basis.
A3. On a daily basis, record into the Events Management System (EMS) deposits and payments received by cash, checks, credit cards, Wire Transfers, ACH Payments, UW journal entry transfers, and Union account transfers.
A4. Oversee and maintain systems for tracking and reconciling all daily deposits, payments, refunds, and adjustments.
A5. Understand and follow all UW PCI standards in processing credit card payments.
A6. Perform daily batching and settlement of credit card machine totals.
A7. Record and document UW journal entry transfers (JETs) in the UW accounting system for deposits and payments made by other UW departments.
A8. Record invoices paid by JET or by charging to a Union account into the Union's Great Plains accounting system.
A9. Produce and distribute receipts to customers immediately after events are fully paid or deposits received.
A10. In consultation with appropriate Union staff, prepare requests for refunds relating to conferences, meetings and other events and enter them into the Events Management System (EMS).
A11. Oversee the deposit payment portion of the wedding lottery process which occurs on the first business day of each month.
A12. Run various Events Management System (EMS) reports on a weekly and monthly basis for use by conference, meeting and events services staff and accounting staff.
A13. Assist with reconciliation activities performed by other accounting staff.

B. Oversee the collection of receivables relating to meeting planning and event services.
B1. Develop and coordinate processes for the organization and collection of receivables for meeting and events services, including preparing and retaining necessary documentation.
B2. On a daily basis run aging reports of accounts receivable.
B3. Follow up on past-due uncollected receivables in accordance with Union policies and procedures.
B4. In consultation with other appropriate Union staff, analyze, explain, correct, and/or negotiate changes to charges in order to respond to customer questions and disputes relating to invoiced charges.

C. Provide financial services relating to conferences held at and/or managed by the Union.
C1. Maintain processes to track conference deposits, refunds, fund transfers, wire transfers, and expenses. Track individual conference profit and loss statements and breakdowns of all income, expenses, and refunds.
C2. Perform monthly reconciliation of Accounting Office records to Conference Office records for conferences.
C3. Prepare and analyze conference financial records. Supply accurate account information to Conference Office staff and each conference organizer/client. Provide analysis of expenses, trends, and variations from budget and reconcile and follow up on any discrepancies.
C4. Prepare detailed financial reports for each conference within 120 days of the end of the conference, reflecting financial activity from account initiation to closing.
C5. Use good discretion and judgement in interpreting UW policies with handling disputes and discrepancies. In consultation with Conference Office staff, initiate refunds for unspent conference funds or reimbursement to Union for deficit balances.

D. Perform revenue accounting functions for miscellaneous activities.
D1. Work toward achieving a more culturally diverse and welcoming environment through effective interpersonal communications, customer service, and respect in the workplace.
D2. Help reduce risks and hazards in the workplace to improve your health and safety and the health and safety of others.
D3. Perform month end transfers for the student print.
D4. Provide back-up assistance to the Revenue Financial Specialist position as needed.
D5. Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Knowledge and skills
1.Understand, interpret, and apply accounting practices to event financial accounts. Serve as expert to the staff and customers concerning UW Business Services rules and regulations, including proper documentation requirements for service charges, deposits, and payments to the WI Union for conferences, meetings and other events.
2. Excellent oral and interpersonal communication skills required.
3. Excellent customer relations skills required.
4. Excellent organizational skills and techniques. Ability to work independently, prioritize work duties, and demonstrate effective time management skills.
5. Ability to participate as an effective team member.
6. Skill in using various computer systems and applications to enter data and pull reports; WISER, Great Plains, EMS, EventsAIR, Microsoft Office, etc.
7. Post secondary accounting and bookkeeping principles such as general and subsidiary ledger entries, journal entries,
8. Review, classify, and record account receivable transactions.
9. Knowledge of financial documents such as requisitions, vouchers, invoices, deposits, etc.
10. Knowledge of collections process, policies and procedures.
11. The work environment may have periods of stress due to fluctuating work loads. This may include frequent interruptions by telephone and personal inquires; frequent interactions of large number of customers; and lengthy periods of intensive detail oriented work that must be accurate.

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