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PVL # 237553

Position Summary:
Under the direction of the Necropsy and Histology Supervisor, the employee will assist the technicians and pathologists in Necropsy and Histology at UW Veterinary Care, UWVC. The position responsibilities require the incumbent to independently perform specialized procedures requiring skill and dexterity. The incumbent must be able to lift a minimum of 50lbs. to a height of 4 feet, and operate a pulley, power hoist, and table band saw. The position works under the supervision of the Histology and Necropsy Supervisor.

Principal duties:
60%: Necropsy Assistant: This position provides specialized support to the necropsy technicians at UW Veterinary Care (UWVC).
- Makes necessary preparations for daily necropsy and biopsy procedures, including verifying animal and specimen ID, ensuring all documents and labeling is correct and accessioning appropriately in the Lab Information System.
- Maintains and orders supplies and reagents.
- Maintains cleanliness of the trim room, necropsy suite, hallways, and coolers.
- Assists, and documents transfer of remains for cremation or owner take home.
- Assist pathologists, residents, necropsy techs and students as needed before, during, and after necropsies.
- Assists necropsy techs during rendering.
- Document errors on Necropsy Submission Error spreadsheet.
- Other duties as requested by the faculty pathologists, clinical instructors, residents, and supervisor.

40%: This position is responsible for assisting the Histology Technicians within the UWVC and SVM Histology Laboratory.
- Maintain and order supplies and reagents as needed.
- File slides and paraffin blocks.
- Make slide labels and affix to slides.
- Assist in embedding processed tissue.
- Perform routine reagent maintenance on the tissue processor, slide stainer, and xylene recycler.
- Accurately charge clients in the computer billing system.
- Other duties as assigned by the histology lab supervisor.

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