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PVL # 237511

Position Summary:
This position is located in the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, a major unit within the Institute for Regional & International Studies (IRIS) of the International Division. The Center administers an undergraduate Certificate and a MA Program in Southeast Asian Studies, supports study abroad (IAP) programs in Southeast Asia, and organizes a wide range of academic and outreach events. In addition to managing three major endowment funds focused on Southeast Asia programing, research, and language instruction, the Center is also a US Department of Education National Resource Center (Title VI), administering FLAS fellowships, K-16 teacher-training workshops, & many other mandated activities aimed at promoting the study of Southeast Asia at UW-Madison and throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond. The Center also works closely with the International Division's Language Program Office (LPO) and with other American universities to administer the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI). All these programs and activities are relevant to this position.

Principal duties:
The CSEAS Administrative Specialist will be responsible for the daily operation of the Center's office, reporting to the Center's Associate Director and performing a wide range of duties under the supervision of the Center's Outreach Director. The CSEAS Administrative Specialist will provide administrative support for all major Center activities during the academic year (Sept-April) and all major SEASSI activities during the summer (May-Aug), including:

A. (40%) In collaboration with other Center staff, assist in organizing & implementing all Center-sponsored lectures, symposia, & workshops, including designing announcements, managing publicity, communicating with financial specialist regarding travel/honoraria arrangements, and handling necessary logistical & technological matters pertaining to these events.

B. (30%) In collaboration with the LPO and the SEASSI Coordinator, assist in recruitment & processing of applications for SEASSI, including establishment & maintenance of the SEASSI data base (share drive), maintaining communication with & among students, teachers, & LPO staff, arranging for language placement & OPI tests, organizing SEASSI events (including student conference & lecture & films series), & responding to program needs as they arise over the summer.

C. (15%) In collaboration with other Center staff & faculty, assist in the administration of all Center grants, specifically in carrying out Title VI projects (implementation & reporting) and, beginning in Fall 2021, those relating to the Henry Luce Foundation Social Justice in Southeast Asia grant.

D. (10%) Manage website maintenance & all forms of Center communication with its constituents, including collaborations with other UW centers (IRIS, IAP, WISLI, LPO), UW's Southeast Asian Research Group (SEARG), centers & consortia around the US (including GETSEA, SEACoast, SEALC, CORMOSEA), and with overseas institutions & organizations (including KSC, AIFIS).

E. (5%) Supervise student hourlies involved in all the above activities.

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