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PVL # 237268

Position Summary:
The School Mental Health Training Specialist is a dynamic position that will work in conjunction with the School Supplement Coordinator for the Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies (CHESS). This program focuses on mental health work in schools. In collaboration with other colleagues, the SMH Specialist develops and delivers training, consultation, coaching services as well as products and tools to increase the capacity of the school mental health workforce. The SMH Specialist will work directly with school leadership teams, district staff, and state department of education personnel.

The SMH Specialist will be part of the Great Lakes Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC). The Great Lakes MHTTC provides training and technical assistance in the NIATx model of process improvement, which assists behavioral health organizations to identify and address problems in their work processes, speed up and sustain the adoption of evidence-based practices, and reduce barriers to treatment.

Principal duties:
The School Mental Health Training Specialist will deliver and assist with planning outreach program activities, strengthen partnerships, ensure adherence to policy, and assist with program administration to promote stable and productive relationships between the university and local community. This role will strive to expand and ensure access to programs, facilities, and educational services to diverse audiences.

-Identifies, promotes, and maintains external partnerships to support the outreach program
-Represent CHESS, the projects, and other relative initiatives with partners, within the field, and at professional meetings.

-Schedules and secures resources and communicates logistics in support of an outreach program

-Delivers outreach program content and materials to community members
-Lead innovative approaches to building the capacity of the school mental health workforce through training and technical assistance (individualized coaching and consulting; group training; product development).
-Develop and deliver virtual training events, including webinars, peer-to-peer learning, and communities of practice to diverse school mental health workforce audiences (educators, school social workers, counselors, administration, faculty, etc)

-Researches, develops, and facilitates outreach program content and materials
-Create and contribute to content development; provide detailed input to team members and partners in developing evidence-based school mental health resources, publications, distance learning sessions, and training materials.
-Contribute to project vision and leadership in collaboration with Coordinator to ensure strategies are aligned with initiative, field, and funder priorities.

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