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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 237194

Position Summary:
Under the general direction of the Director of Inclusion & Engagement, the incumbent will be expected to create and manage student-athlete engagement initiatives and coordinate programming with other department staff to develop and increase student-athlete engagement.

Principal duties:
* The incumbent will collaborate with all Forward 360 units to ensure consistency, participation and relevance from a diversity and inclusion perspective
* The incumbent will collaborate with various units to create programs and initiatives to support specified student populations: medical retirees, 5th year student-athletes, and first-generation student-athletes, etc.
* The incumbent will assist in the development and execution of the diversity and inclusion education plan for staff and student-athletes
* The incumbent will be assisting in the development and sponsoring of the Badger Affinity Groups and Student-Athletes Equally Supporting Others (SAESO)
* The incumbent will assist the Director of Inclusion & Engagement with our Equity & Diversity Council
*The incumbent will help with the execution of our Strategic Diversity Plan
* The incumbent will collaborate with the Director of Healthy Relationships and Communication to develop, coordinate, and implement evidence-based programs to increase positive relationships and healthy sexual experiences for student-athletes
* Other duties as assigned

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