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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 237190

Position Summary:
Responsible for facilities work at the Kohl Center, LaBahn Ice Arena, Goodman complex, and McClimon complex including Men's Basketball events, Hockey events, Volleyball events, Softball events, Soccer events, WIAA and special high school events, concerts, graduations and other events. Other duties include the general maintenance of all building systems as well as arena seats, locker rooms, therapy pools, meeting rooms, concession areas, scoreboard equipment, etc. Additional maintenance duties include grounds activities such as snow removal and lawn care.

Principal duties:
A - 50% Assist the Facilities Repair Worker-Advanced to coordinate the work of other facilities and maintenance student and TE workers for Men's Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, WIAA events and special events in the Kohl Center, LaBahn, Goodman, and McClimon complexes.
1. Perform conversion worker functions for the assigned athletics buildings.
2. Set locker rooms, meeting rooms, coaches' offices, event floor, concession areas, restrooms, etc in cooperation with coworkers.
3. Maintain the inventory for all supplies, as needed.
4. Assist in install and removal of the ice sheet at the Kohl Center and/or LaBahn Arena.
5. Maintain and repair hockey boards, plexiglass, seating, practice baskets and backboards, volleyball nets, and other equipment associated with the building or for events.
6. Ensure the setup of facilities for practices and events per specifications and needs.
7. Maintain chemical and water quality levels in all Kohl Center and LaBahn Arena pools to State and National standards, as well as perform basic maintenance on the pool systems.
8. Request the assistance of Facilities Repair Worker-Advanced or Physical Plant staff for more complex maintenance functions.

B - 25% Perform routine repair and maintenance work and safety and security checks, as needed, at all assigned athletics buildings and related facilities and before, during and after scheduled events.
1. As required, attend to any building needs during events to repair, maintain, or seek assistance for any maintenance system issues including: heating, lighting, and ventilation.
2. Assist other personnel such as: facilities repair worker-advanced, electricians, marketing staff, ticket office staff, concession personnel and others with any event needs.
3. Assist the Fire Department, Contemporary Services Corporation-CSC (crowd management and guest services vendor), and Protection and Security with any safety and/or security issues as they arise.
4. Assist with building and grounds checks before, during and after the conclusion of each event.
5. Conduct fire and crowd control safety checks before, during and after events. (e.g. maintaining clear exits, checking concession areas, checking restrooms, etc.)

C - 15% Perform routine athletics specific repairs and maintenance, as needed.
1. Maintain, repair and replace athletic equipment such as: backboards, nets, rims, and standards should the need arise during an event.
2. Perform any required seating repairs, minor equipment repairs, maintenance of entryway rugs, and handle any flooring needs.
3. Perform repair and maintenance duties at intercollegiate athletic events as well as WIAA events and special high school tournaments.

D - 10% Facilitate outdoor grounds work around the immediate vicinity of the Kohl Center, LaBahn Ice Arena, Camp Randall Stadium, and Goodman Diamond.
1. In the event of heavy snow, contact a supervisor or building and grounds personnel plowing and snow removal.
2. Perform snow plowing and brushing from sidewalks, plaza, and loading dock, as needed.
3. Perform mowing and other landscaping functions for Athletics Department facilities, as required.

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