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PVL # 236960

Position Summary:
The Bilingual Juntos 4-H Coordinator is a member of the Trempealeau County Extension team as a part of the Community Youth Development Institute. The Juntos 4-H Coordinator will work directly with the Youth and Families and 4-H Coordinator to provide programming and will report directly to the Area Extension Director

The coordinator will be trained in the Juntos Program including core components of Juntos 4-H which include family engagement, 4-H clubs and summer programming. Coordinator will work with identified middle schools and community partners to promote family involvement and focus on academic success, career exploration and college readiness activities of youth participants. This project will provide the culturally responsive, high quality community-based Juntos Program to a cohort of Latinx students in 8th-12th grade. Programs will include family engagement and support, and will assist youth in achieving academic success with an emphasis on going on to post-secondary education. During the summer, Juntos 4-H participants will engage in experiential learning as well as workplace and campus visit experiences. An emphasis will be placed on building relationships between middle-school students and high school/undergraduate student mentors, academic advisors, career counselors, and business and community leaders. Major responsibilities include recruitment of students, organizing and implementing the academic year program, implementing 4-H clubs, and maintaining contact with students and families throughout the academic year with bilingual family engagement workshops and events.

We strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Principal duties:
Programming (70%):
1. Teach bilingual Juntos 4-H educational programs (Spanish and English) and tailor educational approaches in a manner that are culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate for the target audiences' needs.
2. Organize, recruit for, and facilitate 6-week family engagement workshop series every fall for the Arcadia and Independence area.
3. Create and lead 4-H afterschool club program twice a month during the spring and summer
4. Build and maintain relationships between Extension and local Latinx families
5. Reach and engage diverse audiences in ways that are inclusive and do not discriminate.
6. Build rapport with participants while maintaining confidentiality and professional boundaries.

Collaboration and relationships (20%):
1. Collaborate with local colleagues to promote a positive office environment, determine local needs and share resources.
2. Develop and maintain respectful working relationships with local entities including school districts, county youth serving organizations, and local higher education institutions
3. Promote University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension and its programs to build greater access, visibility and value.

Administrative and Programmatic Accountability (10%):
1. Report to the Area Extension Director and the Trempealeau County Extension Committee
2. Participate in Community Youth Development and Juntos 4-H training and professional development
3. Communicate regularly and appropriately with other positive youth development colleagues
4. Arrive to teaching sites on-time
5. Work independently and communicate effectively with program partners
6. Maintain organized program participation and evaluation records
7. Report results in a timely manner
8. Be responsive to evolving position, program, office and organizational needs
9. Perform adjusted or additional duties as requested by supervisor

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