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PVL # 236906

Position Summary:
Under the general supervision of the Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, this position is responsible for the operation, repair and maintenance of all mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and refrigeration systems in the Wisconsin Union building and food service units across campus.Responsibilities include, but are not limited to monitoring, diagnosing, trouble-shooting and repair of mechanical building systems; performing scheduled and unscheduled preventative maintenance. The facility this position maintains includes hotel rooms, production kitchens, dish rooms, mechanical rooms and external food units

Principal duties:

A. Maintenance and repair of the Wisconsin Union buildings, facilities and equipment. Perform needed repairs
resulting from daily building inspections, supervisor instructions, night reports, tenant concerns, preventative
maintenance work orders for all HVAC, mechanical, refrigeration and kitchen equipment.
A1. Monitor, inspect, maintain, repair, adjust or replace malfunctioning components for building systems
(i.e. pumps, motors, exhaust fans, and air handling systems).
A2. Monitor and adjust HVAC controls as determined by tenants requirements and activities or seasonal
A3. Perform seasonal work including water shut-offs, winter shutdowns and heating/cooling change
A4. Perform manufactures recommended and department established inspections and preventative
maintenance monthly work orders on building wide systems including HVAC, refrigeration,
mechanical and kitchen equipment (i.e. change belts, grease and lube). Generate PMC orders as
A5. Take temperature and pressure readings on HVAC, refrigeration and mechanical equipment.
A6. Replace air filters, clean air handling registers, grills and diffusers, etc.
A7. Inform supervisors of unsafe conditions with building systems and develop plan for correction and
A8. Start and stop HVAC equipment.
A9. Make repairs to meet operational and production needs of all equipment (i.e. HVAC, refrigeration,
kitchen and mechanical equipment) with the Buildings and Grounds Superintendent.

B. Maintenance and repair of a wide variety of mechanical equipment and appliances for the Wisconsin Union
including plumbing and electrical systems.
B1. Repair and install faucets, shower heads, cleaning of plumbing traps and lines, aerators and
miscellaneous toilet and urinal repairs (i.e. flush valve repairs, replacements or diaphragms).
B2. Repair a wide variety of kitchen and deli appliances and equipment (i.e. toasters, microwaves,
steamers, ovens, freezers, cooler, hear lamps, etc.).
B3. Troubleshoot compressors on coolers, freezers and ice machines.
B4. Repair broken or worn parts on building service equipment: dry and wet vacuums, extractors, floor
machines, and blowers such as electrical switches, cords and motors and change out belts.
B5. Troubleshoot and maintain roof areas, roof drains remain debris free, check for leaks and make
emergency repairs.
B6. Repair or install restroom fixtures including hand dryers, toilet partitions, shelving, mirrors, toilet
paper holders and paper towel dispensers.
B7. Perform limited carpentry duties as needed.
B8. Maintain and monitor water softener and brine tank.
B9. Identify and report problematic building concerns to appropriate staff person.
B10. Repair, maintain, adjust or replace malfunctioning kitchen equipment such as steamers, dish machines, combination ovens, grills, freezers, coolers, ice machines, to include but not limited to grease and lube all equipment or change belts.

C. Performance of miscellaneous duties as assigned.
C1. Inform Building and Grounds Supervisor of equipment and product needs along with building and
equipment situations
C2. Recore and rekey locks. Repair or replace door, cabinet or refrigeration hardware (e.g. gaskets,
hinges, closers, etc.).
C3. Respond to emergency situations.
C4. Respond to building tenants needs and requirements.
C5. Complete required reports and paperwork as required.
C6. Demonstrate a commitment to the success of the Wisconsin Union.
C7. Promote respect and practice civility in the workplace.
C8. Provide effective customer service at all times.

D. Administrative and operational activities.
D1. Schedule, prioritize, and coordinate with others as necessary various activities and demands such
as service calls, scheduled preventive maintenance, building operational needs, assisting contactors
and trades, quality control, etc., based on relative importance, building needs, and established
D2. Train in the proper operational procedures including safety precautions related to the equipment,
chemicals, and for performing assigned tasks.
D3. Take appropriate actions and make recommendations to assure safe working environment in
physical plant areas.
D4. Accept lead responsibilities on assigned projects and activities to assist the shop supervision to
ensure smooth, efficient and quality service to the campus and building operations.
D5. Document and maintain pertinent building information and operational records including shop
drawings, blue prints, and location of gas, chilled water, steam and electrical services.
D6. Refine and maintain records of equipment functions and performance data and areas served.
D7. Meet with management and report on operational progress and building concerns, workloads, and
participate in establishing goals and direction for the shop and exchange information.
D8. Perform rudimentary computer entries on the department's work management system to monitor
work, mange backlogs, and communicate via electronic network.
D9. Requisition supplies and recommend equipment purchases. Maintain tools and supply inventories.
D10. Keep records and make reports.
D11. Maintain cleanliness and order of workshops and mechanical rooms.
D12. Lock or unlock building doors following established schedules or specific instructions.
D13. Maintain inventory of spare parts and initiate the reordering process.
D14. Perform other work-related functions as directed.

1. Ability to walk, stand, lift, carry, bend, stoop and climb for the majority of each shift.
2. Knowledge of commercial mechanical, electrical, plumbing operations along with associated maintenance and repair
3. Knowledge of commercial HVAC systems along with supporting systems.
4. Knowledge of maintenance and repair of appliances/equipment used in food preparation, custodial services and water
softener operations and maintenance.
5. Knowledge of standard safety practices associated with building equipment, installation, repair and maintenance (e.g.
lockout tagout, lifting, bending etc.).
6. Ability to maintain professional and service oriented relationship with customers and co-workers.
7. Ability to work in various conditions (confined, dirty or extreme hot or cold spaces) and perform heavy manual labor.
8. Knowledge of electrical and plumbing applications.
9. Knowledge of basic carpentry skills.
10.Ability to read and interpret blueprints, diagrams and floor plans.
11. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
12. Knowledge of basic computer skills in a Windows environment.
13. The work environment requires that the incumbent communicate courteously, following customer service standards, to
vendors, to customers and co-workers, often under stressful circumstances. The work must be performed within time
constraints, meeting delivery schedules and internal deadlines.

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