University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 236763

Position Summary:
This position will be responsible for developing, and assessing programing and intiatives, may assist in staff supervision, and will provide operational managment for diverstiy and inclusion programs to foster a supportive institutional culture.

Principal duties:
This position will report to the Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, will work closely with the Dean, the senior leadership team, and other committees and staff in the division, and will be responsible for:

- Serving as a liaison between the division and enforcement agencies and represents the division to the external community, organizations, and agencies
- Directing DEIJ strategic planning initiatives and establishing divisional objectives to ensure appropriate allocation of resources
- Partnering with institutional leaders, faculty, students, staff, and internal and external constituency groups to ensure programming supports the division's values and strategic goals and assessing and monitoring program effectiveness
- Planning, executing, and evaluating diversity and inclusion programming initiatives
- Scheduling logistics and securing resources to support the daily operations of one or more programs
- May participate in the hiring, supervision, managment of staff, interns, and/or student workers, and resolution of personnel issues

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