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PVL # 236724

Position Summary:
The Department of Biochemistry seeks to hire a Teaching Faculty. This is an appointment to provide direct instruction, curricular development, and coordination of the teaching team for the operation of the Biochemistry Teaching Laboratory and the capstone course Biochemistry 551 (Biochemical Methods), to participate in leading Biochemistry 100 (Freshman seminar), and to contribute to our summer-session teaching.

Principal duties:
1. Biochemistry 551 (65%): This position will serve as 1) an instructor of record for Biochem 551, 2) the lead contact point for undergraduate students and graduate-level teaching assistants, 3) liaison to faculty and other academic staff involved in the content development and delivery of Biochemistry 551, and 4) supervisor of 1-3 undergraduate workers and limited-term employees who help in the preparation of Biochemistry 551 and the upkeep of the Biochemistry Teaching Laboratory.

551 currently enrolls ~65-90 undergraduate students per semester. Specific responsibilities include providing guidance in laboratory sections, coordination of 6-8 graduate student teaching assistants, participation in the design and delivery of lectures, developing and testing new laboratory exercises, and participation in the grading of required course problem sets, oral presentations, laboratory exercises, and written examinations as well as recruitment, coordination and training of 6-8 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who oversee undergraduate student-led seminar groups in which the primary scientific literature in biochemistry is discussed.

2. Biochemistry 100 (Freshman Seminar) (15%): Share lead instructor responsibility for this one-credit course that meets for one 50-minute class period each week. The goal of the course is to introduce students to the biochemistry major and the career opportunities for biochemistry majors and to welcome students into the biochemistry department community. Specific responsibilities include designing and delivering course activities, coordinating guest speakers and panels, and grading student work.

3. Summer-session teaching (20%): The individual in this 12-month position will be expected to participate in teaching in one of the summer sessions (UW-Madison has several 4-week and one 8-week summer sessions).

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