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PVL # 236672

Position Summary:
COWS is a national think-and-do tank that promotes high road solutions to social problems. These treat shared growth and opportunity, environmental sustainability, and resilient democratic institutions as necessary and achievable complements in human development. Based at the UW-Madison, COWS is nonpartisan but values-based. We seek a world of equal opportunity and security for all.

ProGov21, a project of COWS, is a digital library of high-road innovations in local government policy and practice, and assists in their communication and effective implementation. It includes guides to the many different policy/practice areas such governments routinely engage in. It is principally sourced in content by donations from interested public-interest groups.

EPIC-N (Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities Network) is a COWS-supported but independent 501(c)(3) network of 70+ university programs using the EPIC Model of university-community engagement, which uses course-based student work to improve a community's key progress on the UN SDGs.

The occupant of this position would work with the COWS Director to improve the quality and reach of both efforts and help integrate them with other COWS activity.

Principal duties:
Assist with project management (40%)
- Assist the Director in improving management of both ProGov21 and EPIC-N, including but not limited to helping set their desired but corrigible theory of change, goals, targets, and outcomes, and the measurement, timeliness, and self-assessment of all of the above.
- Assist the Director in communication with and assistance to staff and contributing stakeholders in both projects on the above and in implementing its program of quality assurance and improvement.
- Assist the Director in summary internal (within project staff and contributing stakeholders) and external (to recruited allies and funders, the general public) reports on both of the above.

Project contribution (40%)
- Contribute directly to project content, for example:
-- For ProGov21, help locate additional materials for the site, produce more or better policy roadmaps, and help in internal and external communications.
-- For EPIC-N, help produce additional trainings or other assistance to member programs and regularize the flow of information and guidance across them and with the network secretariat.

Project development (20%)
- Assist the Director in raising money for both projects, including:
-- Identifying potential donors.
-- Help in preparing and making approach to them.
-- Help in preparing proposals.

- Assist the Director in reporting to donors.
- Assist the Director in communication with EPIC-Network members about funding availabilities and the best means, consistent with EPIC-N goals, of accessing them.

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