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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 236633

Position Summary:
The assistant director directs the operational, financial, and personnel activities of the ERP Application Support group whose mission is to provide development and support services to support the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin System. The primary customer for these services is the UW System Service Center. Other customers include the UW System SFS Operations, and UW-Madison's Division of Enrollment Management. The A/D works closely with UW-Madison, UW System executives, and EBS management to prioritize the work of the team.

The A/D supervises a staff of tech leads, developers, and migration and batch specialists. The group consists of teams which provide PeopleSoft technical architecture services, PeopleSoft HCM testing services, and PeopleSoft migration, moves and batch services (using Phire and Tivoli). The Assistant Director is responsible for developing and maintaining a high-performance team of dedicated professionals with the skills, drive, and capacity necessary to deliver exemplary service. The ability to recruit recent graduates and experienced professionals as employees and to use contract consultants when needed is necessary.

Principal duties:
Develops and directs the implementation of strategic plans for enterprise information technology (IT) function(s), program(s), or service(s) to ensure resources are utilized to provide effective administrative, research, outreach, and/or instructional information technology services. May directly manage IT services.

Job Responsibilities
35% Directs strategic information technology planning initiatives and establishes objectives for the institution to ensure appropriate use of financial, administrative, staffing resources in alignment with the strategic plan

20% Develops operating policies and procedures to comply with regulations, institutional policies, and unit objectives

15% Exercises supervisory authority, including hiring, transferring, suspending, promoting, managing conduct and performance, discharging, assigning, rewarding, disciplining, and/or approving hours worked of at least 2.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees

5% May develop and audit institutional budgets and/or financials

10% Serves as a liaison representing the interests of the institution to internal and external stakeholders

5% Advises institutional or divisional leadership on information technology operations and business models

5% Promote a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

5% Provide leadership to support and encourage a customer service focus and the delivery of high quality, secure and reliable services.

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