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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 236483

Position Summary:
Our lab is interested in hiring a highly motivated individual capable of independent work. This individual will be an integral
part of an active lab that studies the development of the nervous system. Specifically, we are focused on understanding the
underlying cytoskeletal mechanisms involved in the outgrowth of neuronal processes, using cutting edge microscopic
techniques. We use the mouse as a model system for our studies.

The School of Medicine and Public Health has a deep and profound commitment to diversity both as an end in itself but, also as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, we strongly encourage applicants from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
1: Conducts research experiments according to established research protocols with moderate impact to the project(s). Collects data and monitors test results
2: Operates, cleans, and maintains organization of research equipment and research area. Tracks inventory levels and places replenishment orders
3: Reviews, analyzes, and interprets data and/or documents results for presentations and/or reporting to internal and external audiences
4: Participates in the development, interpretation, and implementation of research methodology and materials
5: Provides operational guidance on day-to-day activities of unit or program staff and/or student workers
6: Performs literature reviews and writes reports

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