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PVL # 236383

Position Summary:
This position is responsible for maintaining the trees and shrubs on the Madison campus and off campus properties. This includes care of existing trees and shrubs, knowledge and application of chemical and cultural controls, and installation of new landscaping. This requires skillful operation of all related vehicles and power equipment, ability to safely perform physical work under adverse conditions, to work independently and direct the work of temporaries, and to carry out experimental work for research using new techniques and materials.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Physical Plant is committed to the highest standards of customer relations principles for its customers, fellow staff members, students, and visitors. Staff will serve as role models by practicing exemplary behaviors when working with customers and fellow staff members.

Principal duties:
Goals and Worker Activities

60% Maintenance of trees and shrubs.
1. Maintain the health of existing trees and shrubs with sound cultural and chemical practices.
a. Examine and determine general health of plants.
b. Correct any deficiencies, disease or insect problems with appropriate fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides or non-chemical controls. May require the use of a respirator.
c. Prune out dead, damaged, or diseased wood.
d. Clean and treat wounds using protective compounds and aseptic techniques when justified.
e. Prune for structure and shape relative to species, location, and future goal.
f. Shear deciduous and evergreen hedges.
2. Control weed growth in shrubbery and around tree bases.
a. Apply appropriate herbicides (pre-emergent and post-emergent) and calibrate equipment involved.
b. Mulch shrubbery beds and tree bases with various materials to reduce weed competition and eliminate damage to trunks.
c. Cultivate soil as needed to discourage weeds and compaction.
d. Use hand and mechanical sod cutters to facilitate mowing around tree and shrub plantings.
3. Install, maintain and propagate campus and nursery plantings.
a. Excavate plantings sites with power equipment and/or hand tools, replacing soils and adding amendments, as needed.
b. Prune new plantings (both top growth and roots) prior to planting to stimulate balanced growth.
c. Plant trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants using proper techniques for the species involved.
d. Apply time release fertilizers and water regularly.
e. Wrap young trees, stake as required.
f. Protect susceptible tree species from winter injury, (hardware cloth, mulches, anti-transpirants).
g. Remove undesirable plantings, replace with desirable shrubs and trees.
h. Redo grades as needed.
i. Install French drains for erosion control.
j. Build and maintain retaining walls as needed around shrub beds and trees.
k. Propagate trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses by seeds or cuttings.
4. Remove dead, hazardous and storm damaged trees from campus.
a. Operate various chainsaws.
b. Operate front end loaders, tractors, aerial bucket trucks and ropes to facilitate removal.
c. Utilize stump grinder, end loaders, and skid steers to remove stumps and tree roots.
5. Learn, demonstrate, and utilize proper safety procedures.

40% General campus maintenance responsibilities
1. Prepare turf beds, including seeding and sodding.
2. Mow and trim lawns.
3. Fertilize lawns, beds, trees and flowers.
4. Water lawns, trees and shrubs, and flowers.
5. Chip brush and mulch.
6. Perform hand weeding and application of chemical herbicide.
7. Remove litter.
8. Clean storm drains.
9. Install and remove Hagenaugh Fountain cover; clean fountain.
10. Perform preventative maintenance on equipment.
11. Assist with asphalt and concrete work; operate pavers, rollers, dump boxes.
12. Assist with tree and shrub pruning, hedge trimming.
13. Assist with flower bed preparation and flower planting.
14. Operate snow removal equipment, including sanding, salting, and snow shoveling.
15. Operate landscape equipment; rotomisters, tree spades, chippers, backhoes, loaders, and trucks.
16. Split wood and stock fire pits.
17. Maintain fire and bike lane clearances.
18. Train, direct and monitor the work activities of LTE and student workers.
19. Assist with Lakeshore Preserve projects.
20. Other duties as assigned.

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