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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 236301

Position Summary:
This is a Steamfitter-Journey position with the Facilities Planning and Management Division, Physical Plant, Steamfitter Shop.

The University of Wisconsin Physical Plant is committed to the highest standard of customer relations principles for its customers, fellow staff members, students, and visitors. Staff will serve as role models by practicing exemplary behaviors when working with customers and fellow staff members.

Principal duties:
General Steamfitter Journey Duties
- Install, repair and replace elements and systems of mechanical air conditioning and refrigeration units.
- Troubleshoot and properly diagnose mechanical refrigeration systems.
- Maintain electric, electronic or pneumatic controls for refrigeration equipment.
- Adjust auxiliary equipment for air conditioning (i.e. chilled water pumps, reheat coils, etc.).
- Adjust and repair ultra-low cold units.
- Install, repair and replace steam pipes, valves, trap fittings, connections and related equipment.
- Install heating systems.
- Repair hot water tanks, autoclaves, sterilizers, and other steam equipment.
- Maintain, repair and calibrate the more complex thermostats, air conditioning controls, and water meters.
- Maintain and repair steam lines.
- Perform gas and arc welding in the repair of steam lines and related equipment.
- Direct and instruct apprentices, helpers, and other assistants in the trade.
- Keep records and make reports as required.
- Install, repair, program, and replace DDC control system components.
- Repair valves, dampers and other pneumatically and DDC controlled equipment.
- Maintain, repair and calibrate the more complex DDC thermostats, and air conditioning controls.
- Perform any steamfitter control related tasks as assigned.
- Remove existing HVAC equipment which is being replaced or no longer needed.
- Install HVAC equipment including piping, air handlers, pumps, valves, and specialties.
- Make piping connections to heating, ventilating, air conditioning, laboratory, and other fixed and movable equipment.
- Repair all phases of the distribution system of chilled water, high and low pressure steam, steam condensate, and high pressure air.
- Maintain pneumatic and digital controls system and all associated devices.

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