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PVL # 235665

Position Summary:
The Human Development & Relationships Extension Educator is an integral part of the UW-Madison Division of Extension and works alongside the people of Wisconsin to improve lives and communities. Extension serves the people and communities of Wisconsin by addressing local, statewide and national issues, improving lives through research-based education, fostering partnerships and action, and facilitating positive impacts.

Our educators deliver education where people live and work ┬┐ on farms, in schools and communities. Extension educators also work with civic groups and local governments, write newspaper columns, conduct radio and TV programs, facilitate meetings, and build coalitions to solve community problems. This is done through assessment of local, regional, and statewide needs in the area of the positions programmatic emphasis and designing, delivering, and evaluating research-based educational programming and services to meet these needs.
This dynamic position has an emphasis on Financial Education including:
1. Teaching people how to secure and keep affordable housing through Extension┬┐s Rent Smart program
2. Improving the financial capability of all county residents, with a specific emphasis on older adults, youth, low-income, and under-served groups
3. Training for community service providers on how to empower their clients with money management skills
4. One-on-one financial coaching

Adapt, implement, and teach co-parenting curriculum to improve family engagement and relationships, working with families in transition

Principal duties:
Programming (60%)
1. Utilize relationships and knowledge of local communities and partners to identify local, regional and statewide Family Engagement and Relationship programming needs;
2. Develop or adapt and implement culturally-relevant, research-based educational programming to meet identified needs and opportunities and evaluate programming to improve effectiveness, inform future design and demonstrate value and;
3. Expand access by reaching and engaging diverse audiences and ensuring full access to programs, facilities, and educational services

Collaboration & Relationships (30%)
1. Develop and/or support partnerships and community coalitions/groups that inform programming and extend programmatic reach to expand impact;
2. Collaborate with local colleagues to promote a positive office environment, determine local needs, and share resources;
3. Collaborate with statewide colleagues within and across organizational structures to develop and adapt standardized and relevant programming and;
4. Promote Extension and its programs to build greater access, visibility and value

Programmatic planning, reporting and communication (10%)
1. Reports directly to the Area Extension Director
2. Communicate plans, activities and achievements to Area Extension Director, Program Manager and relevant stakeholders;
3. Create an annual plan of work that identifies local audiences, describes the programming to meet their need and connects to the larger program objectives of the Division of Extension Institute of Human Development & Relationships, and assesses programming effectiveness;
4. Submit quarterly reports that summarize the impact of local programming and meet the requirements, policies, and established practices of the Division of Extension and partners, including federal Civil Rights requirements.

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