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PVL # 235557

Position Summary:
The Assistant Dean for Graduate Program Administration manages the administrative activities of graduate degree programs and certificates. This position reports to the SoHE Chief of Staff while working closely with the Faculty Director for Graduate Programs. This positon is responsible for graduate program recruitment, admissions, new student orientation, monitoring of progress towards degree, course and/or enrollment management, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, funding, program assessment, and academic program review. This position will require an entrepreneurial approach to building graduate programming. Opportunities for professional development and career advancement will be available for an individual with a growth-mindset and proven performance.

Principal duties:
15% Serves as the expert resource for graduate program applicants, current students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders

15% Manages the response, support, and advocacy for graduate students while continuously improving the student experience and overall graduate program

5% Oversees programming, services, and events to promote professional development and academic success including facilitating relationships with campus-wide graduate student communities.

20% Provides comprehensive services promoting graduate student success, retention, and degree completion. Advises on programs, graduate education, and university policies, processes, and procedures. Monitors degree progress and assists students in navigating resources and systems throughout the student lifecycle from matriculation to degree completion

20%Manages graduate student funding including, but not limited to, fellowships, scholarships, training grants, or assistantships from department, university, and/or outside sponsors. May prepare and/or submit funding proposals

15% Maintains compliance with graduate program, school, and university requirements and technology systems related to admissions, assessment, academic degree progress/requirements, and program review. Makes policy and procedure recommendations and/or changes

5% Facilitates relationships between SoHE graduate students and campus graduate communities.

5% Oversees graduate program functions

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