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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 235544

Position Summary:
The Animal Care Technician-Entry and Objective positions perform animal health checks; performs TB testing procedures; feeds animals and administers special diets when necessary; performs standard animal treatment procedures for minor illnesses; performs blood draw procedures; tattoos animals; cleans and sanitizes animal housing and other animal areas; handles animals including transporting, training and weighing; enter animals health data into database, and other tasks as assigned.

To ensure consideration, please address the following in your cover letter and resume:
- Describe or provide evidence of your experience working with sanitization equipment and/or chemicals
- Describe or provide evidence of your experience working with animals, also addressing the environment you worked in
- Describe or provide evidence of you experiences working with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), also addressing the work environment
- Describe your experience working with and managing schedules and time management skills

Principal duties:
Observes animal behavior, performs basic animal care, and reports concerns to the appropriate entities to contribute to the health and well-being of animals to support research and teaching

Prepares food and formulas and feeds animals according to established schedules and specifications

Collects samples from animals and administers medications, injections, and treatments according to established protocols and procedures to be used for diagnostic tests and research

Inspects and reports problems on equipment to ensure optimal and safe operation

Inventories, cleans, and maintains organization of animal holding spaces and supplies

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