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PVL # 235536

Position Summary:
The Department of Bacteriology seeks a Research Specialist/Lab Manager for the Hershey laboratory, which opened January 2021. The Hershey group uses genetic, biochemical and cell biological techniques to understand how the freshwater bacterium Caulobacter crescentus colonizes solid surfaces. The successful candidate will work closely with the PI to establish a vibrant research environment. In addition to organizing a productive workspace and advancing research initiatives, the position will involve developing an atmosphere that is supportive and inclusive for all individuals.

The UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is committed to maintaining and growing a culture that embraces diversity, inclusion, and equity, believing that these values are foundational elements of our excellence and fundamental components of a positive and enriching learning and working environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

Principal duties:
* Laboratory management: organization, ordering, equipment maintenance, record keeping, reagent preparation (20%)

* Coordination of biological safety for the laboratory (10%)

* General support of research: assistance with ongoing projects (molecular cloning, bacterial cultivation, training of new workers etc.) (30%)

* Participation in research initiatives: advancing a specific project using straight forward biological assays. Some experimental design and contribution to written publications. Opportunities to apply microscopy, genetics, biochemistry and structural biology will become available as appropriate. (40%)

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