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PVL # 235459

Position Summary:
The incumbent in this position will serve as the unit manager for the Campus Dairy Cattle Center. The individual in this position must work with limited oversight from the herd administrator and be capable of making autonomous decisions. The primary responsibilities of this position are to manage personnel and maintain campus dairy cattle center operations, provide research coordination, develop youth tour programs, and ensure compliance with animal care, occupational health and Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) animal use guidelines.

The UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is committed to maintaining and growing a culture that embraces diversity, inclusion, and equity, believing that these values are foundational elements of our excellence and fundamental components of a positive and enriching learning and working environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

Principal duties:
Research and Instructional Coordination 35%
Oversee the Allenstein Dairy Herd and instructional activities at the Dairy Cattle Research Center. Work closely with Principal Investigators and Instructors from the College of Ag and Life Sciences and the School of Veterinary Medicine to ensure all of their needs are being met on a timely basis. Provide instructional support by preparing laboratory sessions for a large number of Dairy Science, Animal Science, and School of veterinary medicine courses. Engage in dialogue with Dairy Herd Administrator when common ground cannot be found between Instructor/Principal investigators and herd resources. Oversee maintenance of feeding records and data collection of animals on research projects. In consult with veterinary staff, ensure and document daily research animal care and health of all animals at the Dairy Cattle Research Center. Accurately ensure compliance with all documentation needed for care of Biomedical Animals. Schedule and coordinate availability of animals and facilities with faculty and staff in accord with general instructions from the Dairy Herd Administrator and departmental Herd Management and Use Committee. Ensure communication of faculty, academic staff, and students with barn employees to accomplish specific projects. Recommend improved strategies to the Dairy Herd Administrator and relay issues of concern/non-compliance to relevant parties.

Outreach 25%
Serve in a lead role for developing youth tour programs, which utilize dairy cattle center resources. Coordinate tours of appropriate groups to meet their training needs and ensure safety and minimize interference with herd operation. Ensure coordination of facility and animal availability for public relations events, major on-campus youth outreach events and campus recruiting events. Ensure Dairy Cattle Center facility and the cattle within the facility are maintained at a consistently high level of cleanliness, so as to be prepared for visiting groups at a moments notice. Work closely with Department Chairperson, Herd Administrator, and external advisory groups to develop and maintain a user friendly and interactive visitors center.

Herd and Personnel Management 20%
Assist the Herd Administrator in soliciting and using faculty input to define herd performance measurements and goals, and to develop successful animal management protocols to reach the goals. This includes, but is not limited to, seeking advice of the Herd Use and Herd Management committee. Define, calculate, record, and communicate specific performance measures to show the current status of the herd and progress toward achieving established goals. Advise on capital improvements and facility renovations required for the herd. Assist in acquisition, transport, and culling of animals to facilitate efficient herd operation. Coordinate veterinary services to maximize cow health and performance. Assist Herd Administrator in coordinating with ARS for feed, bedding, manure handling, moving cattle, equipment sharing, and maintenance of facilities. Institute appropriate facility security measures to control access by unauthorized visitors Under the guidance of the large animal veterinary staff and standard operating procedures, administer medications and vaccinations.
Participate in recruiting, hiring, and training of new permanent and temporary classified employees consistent with university policy and herd management protocols. Provide direct supervision of classified employees and participate in performance evaluation, promotion and discipline of classified employees. Employ and supervise students in herd operations in a manner consistent with enriching students' educational experience, proper management and coordination of herd activities, and judicious use of herd resources. Provide direct supervision of student coordinators and ensure compliance with student dormitory policies. Maintain student labor force to meet current and upcoming research and instructional needs. Develop novel methods of training student employees to ensure compliance with herd standard operating procedures. Perform other duties deemed necessary by the Herd Administrator or assigned by the department chair.

Compliance 20%
Maintain facilities in compliance with guidelines and regulations of the Campus and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Animal Care and Use Committees, Occupational Health and Safety, AAALAC, and other regulatory agencies. Assist coordination and execution of scheduled facility inspections. In consultation with the Research Program Manager II and contract and campus attending veterinarians, assist developing standard operating procedures for herd health and animal care.
Develop novel methods for training student employees so they are in compliance with University and Department standards. Ensure all students are knowledgeable and compliant with Herd Standard Operating Procedures. Maintain a strong point of emphasis on facility and animal cleanliness at all times.

Normal schedule is Monday through Friday 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM. Position will require some early morning, late evening, and weekend hours to meet operational and outreach needs. Since the Dairy Cattle Center is a research animal care unit, the unit manager will be expected to have schedule flexibility, willingness to take after hour phone calls, and capacity to occasionally return to the facility for emergency needs.

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