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PVL # 235334

Position Summary:
This position participates in the delivery of custodial services for Recreation & Wellbeing's facility services department, provides for the care and cleaning of the division's facilities and equipment, and ensures cleanliness, orderliness, and safety in assigned areas.

Principal duties:
Primary Responsibilities:
> This position will perform general building maintenance and custodial work under limited supervision of the Custodial Supervisor and/or lead workers.
> Utilizes basic equipment and supplies to clean assigned facility areas and remove waste and recyclables.
> Monitors and secures facility interior and exterior entrances and reports issues to appropriate entities.
> Maintains organization of supply areas and equipment, documents inventory, and requests additional supplies as needed.
> Documents and reports repairs, violations, and pest control needs.
> Maintains clean and clear walkways to ensure they are free of debris, litter, snow, and ice.

Secondary Responsibilities:
> Report needed building repairs.
> Report security violations and/or suspicious activity.
> Report building system malfunctions.
> Remove posters, papers, and notices from prohibited areas.
> Assist and work with Rec Well Student Custodial Staff members.
> Perform additional tasks as directed.

Knowledge, Skills, and Physical Demands:
> Ability to lift 50 lbs.
> Mopping requires considerable movement of arms, twisting, and bending of back.
> Duties require frequent bending, stopping, kneeling, twisting, and use of arms above shoulder level. Frequent exposure to cleaning solutions, disinfectants, and chemicals. Some of which that have strong odors. May be required to work from a stepladder.
> Agility is required to climb stepladder and work with hands above head. Six, eight, and ten-foot stepladders are most common sizes in use.
> Must be able to understand oral and written work assignments and safety instructions.
> Must have the ability to work alone performing duties in assigned area.

Ancillary Responsibilities:
> Attend Divisional Staff meetings and trainings.
> Participate in professional development, conferences, and trainings to advance professional knowledge.
> Pursue and maintain all necessary certifications related to job responsibilities (American Red Cross Adult CPR/FA/AED).
> Exercise flexibility to work evening or weekend hours, as needed.

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