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PVL # 235326

Position Summary:
University Housing Facilities Repair Workers provide general maintenance, repair work, and cleaning in University Housing Residence Halls and Dining facilities.

The Division of University Housing is committed to providing an exceptional workplace for our approximately 450 career staff members and over 1,500 student staff. We provide an inclusive and safe working environment that promotes engagement, empowerment, and professional development.

We operate nineteen residence halls and three apartment communities across the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, providing a home to over 7,800 undergraduate students, and serving over 3,000 graduate students, academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, and their families. In addition, we manage seven dining venues across campus, and provide housing for conference groups and youth camps throughout the summer months.

Principal duties:
University Housing is divided into five main departments: Administration, Dining & Culinary Services, Residence Hall Facilities, Residence Life, and University Apartments. Whether we're launching new academic support services, testing out a new recipe, renovating resident rooms, organizing welcome events, cleaning our facilities, or inviting a new summer youth camp to campus, everything that we do is to support the mission of the University and fulfill University Housing's goal to be, "The place everyone wants to live."

Residence Hall Facilities is a part of the Division of University Housing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a student service organization, University Housing Residence Halls provide quality living/learning environments and programs to approximately 7800 undergraduate student residents during the academic year and 15,000 guests in the summer months. Residence Hall Facilities is a subsection of the University Housing that focuses on housekeeping, mechanical maintenance and long-term infrastructure projects and planning.

University Residence Halls consists of 30 buildings containing approximately 2 million square feet and 37 acres of surrounding grounds. In addition to residential living spaces, the residence hall infrastructure supports many functions and programs requiring many types of spaces such as classrooms, office space, dining and culinary space, including commercial kitchens and market place areas, mechanical support spaces and large meeting rooms.

Under the general supervision and specific direction of the Building Supervisor and/or Assistant Building Supervisor, this position provides general maintenance, repair work, and cleaning in various assigned Residence Hall and Dining facilities. This involves using established cleaning products, equipment, methods and procedures within time allocations to provide and maintain a clean and safe living environment. This position is expected to utilize effective communication and follow instructions to complete tasks accurately. This position is expected to meet customer service standards by working courteously and cooperatively with residents, conference guests and staff. This position is expected to respond to routine and non-routine calls, be an active problem solver, provide support and assist as needed in the implementation of plans and procedures in the event of an emergency. Work may involve serving as crew leader for small groups of full-time staff and non-permanent employees. University Housing owns and maintains several different properties/locations on campus. At times, based on operational need, this position may be temporarily re-assigned to a different property/location on campus. Notice of temporary location reassignment will be given whenever possible.

University Residence Halls is committed to demonstrating our Division of University Housing Core Values: Care in how we approach people and our work; Creativity in solving problems; Integrity in our interactions with staff and customers; Optimism, focusing on opportunities and positive outcomes; Respect for the differences, strengths, and potential in people; Stewardship of human, financial and natural resources; and Excellence in customer satisfaction and communication.

University Housing is an essential services provider and all University Housing employees are part of this commitment to our residents and guests. University Housing is unique from many other state agencies and university departments because we cannot close as our services must be maintained at all times.

50% A - Maintain Residence Halls and Dining Facilities
A1. Perform maintenance and repair to small equipment including vacuums, cords, extractors, and scrubbers.
A2. Perform maintenance, and placement of picnic tables, outdoor furniture, grills, outside barrels, and ash urns.
A3. Restoration and replacement of carpet.
A4. Monitor, organize, inventory and request maintenance supplies and other tools to ensure the success of the operation.
A5. Repair facilities fixtures and furnishings.
A6. Respond to requests for monitoring or repair of minor plumbing, HVAC, and electrical repairs within resident rooms and common spaces including resetting breakers, replacing thermostat valves, addressing leaks, shutting water off, and cleanup.
A7. Respond to all verbal and/or written communications regarding emergencies; request assistance for uncorrectable maintenance and structural situations to the appropriate oncall personnel in a timely manner to minimize damage and injury.
A8. Make temporary repairs to locks: manual and electronic. Respond to calls for lockouts and unlock outside and inside building doors. At times you will need to follow established schedules or specific instructions for special events, registered parties, etc.
A9. Restoration and refinishing of resilient and non-resilient flooring.
A10. Check interior and exterior lighting and exit signs. Replace burned out bulbs (lamps) as needed and report repairs of fixtures or bulbs as needed.
A11. Assist trades persons (e.g. plumbers, electricians, masons, glaziers, etc.) responding to service requests. Utilize a cell phone and/or two-way radio to communicate such needs and emergencies.
A12. Respond to fire safety concerns, fire alarms, fire panel concerns, smoke detectors, systems operations in coordination with University Police and Fire. In the case of fire alarms, resetting fire panels under the direction of the fire department and being trained and knowledgeable of all fire suppression systems.

40% B - Support the Resident and Conference Operations; Clean Residence Halls and Dining Facilities.
B1. Using appropriate methods, chemicals, and equipment, perform all daily, detailed and major cleaning
tasks in assigned areas. Assigned areas could include but are not limited to the following: hallways, lounges (dens), bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms, resident rooms, offices, conference rooms, classrooms, stairwells, laundry rooms, trash/recycling rooms, dining areas. Cleaning tasks could include, but are not limited to the following: removal of trash, recycling and compost, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, mopping, extracting, waxing, polishing, washing, cleaning of doors, elevators, windows, walls, trash/recycling areas, sink rooms, and drinking fountains.
B2. Assist in preparing residence hall rooms for academic year student residents and summer conference guests.
B3. Maintain cleanliness of housekeeping storage and supply closets.
B4. Facilitate resident/guest move-in and move-out.
B5. Assist with having vehicles cleaned as scheduled or requested, where applicable.
B6. Maintain inventory of equipment in the housekeeping area; including but not limited to furnishings, general supplies, linen(s), and equipment.
B7. Report any problems or areas of concern with guests, residents, facilities, equipment or vehicles.
B8. Assist guests and residents set up for events both indoors and out, including helping with tables, chairs, electrical cords, as well as ensuring the audiovisual needs, have been met by Technology Services, as assigned.
B9. Assume responsibility for grounds maintenance, including but not limited to; snow removal, salting walks, picking up litter, emptying trash and recycling containers, cleaning furniture, rectifying the damage caused by acts of vandalism and the overall general appearance of all exterior areas and cleaning of entrances.
B10. Provide support, cover for other units on a regular basis and/or as operational needs demand,
complete projects, and assist as needed

5% C - Comply with all safety expectations.
C1. Inspect assigned areas (both internal and external) to evaluate and report the need for any repairs and/or replacement of structural elements, furnishings and equipment in assigned areas.
C2. Inspect building furnishings and equipment used by residents and housekeeping equipment as required. Input Maintenance and Repair Service (MARS) requests.
C3. Maintain integrity of issued keys, access cards/fobs and other staff issued equipment/tools.
C4. Personally follow all health and safety rules established by the institution.
C5. Participate in annual health and safety training programs as required. Attend safety meetings when requested.
C6. Report unsafe acts and conditions.
C7. Communicate safety concerns related to safety procedures to a supervisor.
C8. Ensure building safety by un-propping doors, addressing unescorted guests, etc.
C9. Maintain all safety equipment within facilities as required.

5% - Other related responsibilites
D1. Actively respond, as directed by Housing leadership, in the event of an emergency or when University Housing's Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) is activated.
D2. Monitor and communicate the performance of various systems within facilities and report verbally and/or in writing any system abnormalities, where applicable.
D3. Build and maintain effective working relationships with fellow workers, residents and conference guests from diverse backgrounds who may speak multiple languages.
D4. Respond to miscellaneous requests as assigned by supervisor and/or guests/residents.
D5. Other assigned duties.

1. Basic knowledge of institutional or commercial facilities repairs and maintenance procedures, methods, techniques, and equipment used in a maintenance operation.
2. Basic knowledge of tools and equipment.
3. Basic knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions related to maintenance and custodial operations and the ability to train others in these areas.
4. Basic knowledge of institutional or commercial custodial procedures, methods, techniques, and equipment used in a maintenance and custodial operations.
5. Ability to lead the work of a team and give basic instructions.
6. Ability to work independently and use sound judgment.
7. Ability to perform duties promptly and efficiently under pressure of deadlines and with interruptions.
8. Basic knowledge and skill in inventory practices and procedures.
9. Skilled in providing positive customer service.
10. Basic computer skills preferred or ability and willingness to learn.
11. Ability to be flexible in order to meet the needs of the customers.
12. Basic math skills.
13. Ability to work with various staff on a project-by-project basis.
14. Excellent attention to detail.
15. Ability to communicate effectively in English.
16. Bilingual skills for Spanish, Tibetan, Chinese, or Hmong are beneficial.
17. Skill in driving vehicles in a campus setting with a high volume of pedestrian, bicycle moped and vehicular traffic and in evening hours with possible adverse weather conditions.

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