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Position Summary:
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The Division of University Housing is committed to providing an exceptional workplace for its workforce of approximately 450 career staff members and over 1,500 students. University Housing provides an inclusive and safe working environment that promotes engagement, empowerment, and professional development. University Housing operates nineteen residence halls across the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, providing a home to over 8,000 undergraduate students. We also operate three apartment communities, serving about 3,000 graduate students, academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, and their families. In addition, we manage seven dining venues across campus, and provide conference group and youth camp housing throughout the summer months.

University Housing is divided into five main departments: Administration, Dining & Culinary Services, Residence Hall Facilities, Residence Life, and University Apartments. Whether we're launching new academic support services, testing out a new recipe, renovating resident rooms, organizing welcome events, cleaning our facilities, or inviting a new summer youth camp to campus, everything that we do is to support the mission of the University and fulfill University Housing's goal to be, "The place everyone wants to live."

Dining and Culinary Services has locations in six buildings throughout campus including Markets, Convenience Stores, Catering, and Coffeehouses. Dining and Culinary Services provides affordable and innovative dining options to residents, guests, and staff.

Under the general supervision of the Unit Chef, this position is responsible for assisting in the leading and monitoring of the work of university, temporary and student staff in University Housing's Dining & Culinary Services. This position will support University Housing's mission of an exceptional customer experience through the delivery of extraordinary food in all service areas. The Food Production Assistant functions in this capacity in an a la carte food operation of University Housing's Dining and Culinary Services, with meal service from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. daily. This position requires the leading and monitoring of preparation, production and service of a wide variety of food and beverage choice in market style dining operations with multiple service platforms. The Food Production Assistant must be comfortable with made-to-order and display cooking food preparation.

This position's daily responsibilities will include, but are not limited to preparation, production and service of a variety of hot and cold food items, using organizational tools and recipes, as well as a variety of preparation and cooking techniques.

Provide support and assist as needed in the implementation of plans and procedures in the even of an emergency.

Dining and Culinary Services is committed to demonstrating our Division of University Housing Core Values: Care in how we approach people and our work; Creativity in solving problems; Integrity in our interactions with staff and customers; Optimism, focusing on opportunities and positive outcomes; Respect for the differences, strengths, and potential in people; Stewardship of human, financial and natural resources; and Excellence in customer satisfaction and communication.

University Housing is an essential services provider and all University Housing employees are part of this commitment to our residents and guests. University Housing is unique from many other state agencies and university departments because we cannot close as our services must be maintained at all times.

Principal duties:
A - 40% - Food production to include batch cooking, cook-to-flow, and made-to-order display cooking.
1. Prepare a variety of food offerings daily by following menus, production sheets, recipes and instructions (both verbal and written).
2. Troubleshoot recipes and offer suggestions for improvement.
3. Train, direct and monitor food preparation and service work of unit staff.
4. Effectively communicate with all staff in work unit to achieve production and service goals in a safe, efficient manner.
5. Perform a variety of food preparation techniques, using various equipment for high volume and trending styles of cuisine.
6. Organize work areas, ingredients and equipment to ensure efficient and effective food preparation and service, giving particular attention to food safety concerns.
7. Apply HAACP and safe food handling knowledge to provide a clean, safe dining production and service environment.
8. Monitor customer traffic patterns and peak dining times to ensure appropriate food production and deliver a high quality dining experience.
9. Observe speed of service and analyze work flow to coach staff in order to meet service standards.
10. Coordinate signage and food merchandising to ensure outstanding food presentation.
11. Identify shortfalls of kitchen or service performance and initiate plans for corrective action.
12. Engage customers during service and resolve customer issues and concerns in a timely and professional manner.

B - 25% - Assist in the planning, direction, and oversight of unit operations.
1. Participate in the development of daily production and service plans for food preparation and service in multiple service areas.
2. Track and record food production, service and waste in order to accurately complete daily production records.
3. Assist in achieving unit food cost goals through utilizing food production recording and controlling food preparation and production.
4. Recommend procedures to ensure efficient flow of food and ingredients to service areas.
5. Assist in establishing and training to service standards and procedures to ensure proper food monitoring for quality, temperature and appearance.
6. Monitor and train on food portioning at service areas to ensure accuracy and consistency.
7. Assist in the development of operating policies and procedures for sound and efficient management of production and service.
8. Following set procedures for recipe testing and submission, contribute regularly to the development of menu items.
9. Complete closing procedures for the unit.

C - 20% - Coordination of unit employees.
1. Assist in developing and implementing training programs for all production and service staff.
2. Contribute to the creation of staff schedules through recommendations based on production and service needs.
3. Model and train to high level service standards for all unit staff.
4. Lead unit staff in the areas of food safety and sanitation through modeling, coaching and correcting to ensure compliance with all health code requirements and unit practices.
5. Direct the work of unit staff in the cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment, as well as service and production areas.

D - 10% - Completion of required logs, records, and reports.
1. Record required food production information daily on appropriate reports and forms.
2. Record required temperatures of food to be in compliance with HAACP rules and plans.
3. Participate in developing standards to record the handling of food in compliance with health code and HAACP plan.

E - 5% - Miscellaneous duties.
1. Lead and direct staff in production and service at catering and special dining events.
2. Provide support and assistance in implementing plans and procedures in the event of an emergency.
3. Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Skills:
1. Advanced culinary skills as demonstrated through formal training or applicable employment experience.
2. Intermediate knowledge of food service supervision in a retail environment as exhibited by experience.
3. Intermediate knowledge of food preparation methods, techniques and equipment.
4. Intermediate knowledge of standard food safety and sanitation practices, as demonstrated by successful completion of Serve Safe certification within the last five years, or ability to successfully complete Serve Safe training when next offered
by University Housing after employment.
5. Skill in verbal and written communication.
6. Ability to successfully train, lead and direct a large, diverse, part-time staff.
7. Intermediate level ability to perform display cooking or cook-to-order skills.
8. Basic knowledge and experience in recipe creation and menu development.
9. Basic knowledge of food allergens, intolerances and sensitivities.
10. Intermediate knowledge of computers, including experience in word processing, electronic e-mail.
11. Basic working knowledge of food management computer programs preferred.
12. Basic knowledge of food service record keeping.
13. Advanced ability to perform multiple tasks while simultaneously interacting in a positive way with customers.
14. Advanced ability to perform assigned tasks with minimal direction and oversight.
15. Advanced knowledge of excellent decision making and problem solving methods.
16. Advanced ability to perform as a leader of the work team while developing a team work atmosphere. .

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