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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 235199

Position Summary:
Seeking a qualified, active ceramics artist to teach three undergraduate ceramics classes in both the fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters. The schedule includes day-time and evening classes. Focus is on sculptural hand building, throwing, mold making and casting. Curriculum for ceramics courses will follow that set by ceramics faculty, as it fits into the larger mission of the art department, which considers ceramics as a broad-based, interdisciplinary arts practice.

The Successful applicant must demonstrate a wide knowledge of ceramic processes, including kiln firing, glaze formulation, mold making and surface development. Will assist in all aspects of ceramics studio maintenance and program development in the Art Loft facility. Help oversee the maintenance of studio equipment with the support of a project assistant. Take active role in hosting and facilitating visiting artists in the ceramics area. Assist in developing materials and ceramic surfaces for general studio use.

Principal duties:
1. Maintain current awareness of theory, concepts, principles, techniques and conventions applicable to assigned academic art courses. Stay current in academic or program discipline. Must have experience using course management systems such as Canvas, and be able to convert to online instruction if necessary.
2 .Plan, organize and develop instructional materials including presentations, lectures, demonstrations, homework assignments, laboratory exercises and project assignments consistent with approved course outlines; teach courses utilizing sound pedagogical methods and instructional strategies most appropriate to communicating subject matter to students to meet learning objectives; modify, as necessary, instructional methods to meet diverse student needs; participate in the development, assessment, and evaluation of student learning outcomes; use available instructional technologies such as the internet, online learning and interactive technologies to enrich and facilitate student learning.
3. Provide prompt feedback on student assignments; evaluate student performance fairly and consistently; assign grades and maintain course/student records in accordance with University of Wisconsin-Madison standards, policies and procedures; submit and post grades and submit other records following appropriate procedures by established deadlines.
4. Be available to students by telephone, email, course learning management system, or personal conference to answer questions and provide encouragement and assistance in completing course assignments and projects. Must schedule office hours as established for assigned courses; maintain a flexible schedule to meet student needs; refer students to other campus resources to resolve problems/issues beyond the purview of the instructor.

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