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PVL # 235000

Position Summary:
This position provides independent comprehensive administrative support to the Lancaster Agricultural Research Station, in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. This position functions independently of the Agricultural Research Station Headquarters on a daily basis.

The Lancaster Ag Research Station consists of 530 acres and is located approximately 90 miles southwest of Madison. The Lancaster station supports approximately 30 research projects. The Lancaster Station helps facilitate researchers from the departments of Agronomy, Animal Science, Entomology, Forestry, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, and Soil Science in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences as well as researchers from other university and USDA facilities. The Station supports the research and outreach needs for the development of profitable and environmentally sound agricultural systems appropriate for producers on unglaciated soils in the upper Midwest, and the production system for efficient beef cattle production.

This position serves as the initial contact source for coordinating information, determining priorities, and providing advice on university/state regulations, policies, and procedures. This position is responsible for managing the research and production data for animal and crop areas including transferring information and compiling data. This position is also responsible for compiling data and preparing various reports regarding research projects, budget and purchasing issues for university funds. This position coordinates all payroll and personnel issues for the center. This position works independently and has delegated authority to exercise personal judgment in decision-making circumstances. The employee in this position reports to the Lancaster Agricultural Research Station Superintendent. This position is directed under general supervision.

The UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is committed to maintaining and growing a culture that embraces diversity, inclusion, and equity, believing that these values are foundational elements of our excellence and fundamental components of a positive and enriching learning and working environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

Principal duties:
45% - Manage the Stations Operating Budget and Financial Reports.
- Manage the LARS operating budget of over $350,000. Track and reconcile complex budget expenditures for all gift/grant accounts. Manage all aspects to comply with State of Wisconsin statutes and regulations and UW System and Board of Regent's policies governing the conduct of business and the use of state monies.
- Independently maintain all aspects of the LARS funds accounting, including reconciling all WISER payments and receipts by verifying with QuickBooks Financial Software Program.
- Investigate, resolve, and correct discrepancies with vendors, customers, and Business Services Accounts Payable. Provide current account reports to the Superintendent upon request.
- Direct and coordinate all handling of receipts, sales credits, and vendor refunds complying with the University policies and procedures.
- Be the on-site coordinator for processing and utilizing the procurement cards in compliance with State and University regulations, including signature authority. Develop necessary reports in compliance with audit regulations including preparation of procurement log. Submit biweekly pro-card summary to unit manager after reconciliation.
- Receive payment and prepare deposits for sale of station goods such as grain and forages. Assist with preparing materials for deposits of animal sales to the Animal Science Department office staff.
- Oversee office and building supplies by keeping an adequate inventory on hand. Procure supplies adhering to the UW guidelines on policies and procedures for the purchasing and/or return of merchandise
- Sole responsibility to verify invoices and receipts for the imprest checking account. Follow university policies and procedures to prepare and submit monthly accounting reports for reimbursement. Reconcile the account balance with bank statements and compare to WISER data.

35% - Program Support for Ag Station Users and Operations
- Itemize the LARS' support to CALS units on a monthly basis in spreadsheets: A) Animal Cost Recovery by tracking all expenses provided for services and supplies (including haylage, corn silage, hay, straw, grain production, manure hauling, etc.) provided to UW Madison Animal and Dairy Science Department, and submit monthly reports for reimbursement; and B) Track support (labor, services, expenses) provided to station users (via PIRF system) by keeping current and detailed spreadsheets by inputting data and verifying for accuracy quarterly.
- Manage filing systems for all records at the station from financial, personnel, outreach materials, and general operation materials.
- Oversee and maintain records of fuel used and recorded at the station. Gather data and input into Excel for processing. Track, calculate, and reconcile total unleaded and diesel fuel used from storage tanks. Complete and submit the Off-Road Fuel Tax Refund form in compliance with the laws and mandated by the State of Wisconsin.
- Maintain vehicle information for all on road vehicles. Electronically report all mileages accrued monthly, according to the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration rules, to UW Madison Physical Plant Fleet Department.
- Be an ambassador of the station by maintaining broad-range communication with other University Departments, staff, and the general public including various groups and organizations via written correspondence, telephone, email, and face-to-face.
- Assist with research and production data collection for animal and crop related areas. Perform data entry and proof reading for hand written records into electronic formats such as spreadsheets.
- Assist with maintaining Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and product labels for all hazardous materials as well as tracking annual pesticide usage per DATCP rules.
- Assist Superintendent and Ag Supervisor with updating and creating content for Station website and social media accounts (including Facebook). Monitor activity and provide responses as needed for messages and inquiries on those platforms.

20% - Station Administration of Payroll and HR Policies
- Serve as Station resource person for items related to employee timesheets and leave requests for university staff, temporary employees, and students. Monitor approval reports for absence requests and paid time to ensure accurate and timely approvals for Station employees.
- Initiate, verify, examine, and complete all necessary paperwork for hiring university staff, temporary employees and students (i.e. I-9, W-4, direct deposit, disability identification form, etc.) in accordance with guidelines set by Immigration Service and UW Office of Human Resources.
- Serve as Station point of contact on employee benefit issues. Ensure proper forms are completed and submitted for new employees in a timely manner. Inform employees on changes in benefits due to changes in employee status, dual choice benefits and changes due to state and federal policy changes.
- Apply personnel procedures in processing Worker's Compensation Reports, Family Medical Leave (FMLA) requests, and vehicle accident forms. Maintain personnel files for all station staff.

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