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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 234602

Position Summary:
This Facilities Manager position is responsible for the security, custodial, grounds, recycling, repairs, maintenance, and utility services of the facilities to ensure they meet the needs of the university and its employees. The Department of Integrative Biology is housed in two separate biological research facilities and a general teaching and administration facility at UW-Madison (approximately 150,000 sq. ft total). This position directly supervises the part-time Instrument Maker.

Principal duties:
1. 30% Establishes priorities for scheduled mechanical and electrical services within the area of responsibility, administering preventive maintenance programs for facilities, inspecting facilities to determine repair or replacement needs, and supervising the performance of emergency and routine maintenance on campus facilities within the area of responsibility.
2. 15% Ensures all protection systems such as fire panels, smoke/heat detectors, sprinkler systems, and pumps are maintained in accordance with the regulatory requirements and industry standards and ensures all emergency generators/power systems, rigging systems, and elevators are properly maintained in accordance with industry standards and are operational at all times.
3. 15% Works with procurement services and planning, design and construction as appropriate in developing bid specifications and contract documents for contract work to be performed, obtaining, reviewing, and analyzing estimates from reputable vendors, and preparing the bid tabulation sheets and associated paperwork to support the request.
4. 15% Coordinates and sometimes directly supervises the performance of emergency and routine maintenance on campus facilities.
5. 5% Minimizes institutional liability regarding the university's compliance with federal regulations and regulations governing environmental protection, the handling of hazardous materials and hazardous waste, and the use of chemical substances and materials.
6. 10% Ensures that the work performance of employees in the area of responsibility and maintenance zones or sections as a whole meet university standards and expectations.
7. 10% Maintains equipment inventory and oversees disposition process.

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