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PVL # 234281

Position Summary:
Through a partnership between the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the School of Medicine and Public Health, the Center for Biomedical Swine Research & Innovation (CBSRI) is a multidisciplinary center that leverages the translatability of research in pig models and UW-Madison's unique swine and biomedical research infrastructure, resources, and expertise to conduct innovative basic and translational research on human diseases. The central mission of CBSRI is to innovate and accelerate the discovery and development of clinically relevant therapies and technologies. The center will also serve to innovate graduate and medical training by providing a living platform that closely mimics human size, biology, and disease pathology.

The CBSRI is seeking an Administrative Director to partner with the Director and Associate Director to help drive the work of the Center forward through campus and industry partnerships.

Principal duties:
25% As part of a team led by the Director and Associate Director, the Administrative Director will support the activities of the Center. The individual will be charged with defining objectives and setting priorities in collaboration with the Director and Associate Director, directing and managing the programs that enable the research and development priorities of the Center to be accomplished, while facilitating teamwork, collaboration, and building trust. Through defining objectives and setting priorities, the individual will be responsible for identifying technical problems and opportunities, designing methodologies for project completion, project review, management of enabling technology activities, and coordination of the Center communications, outreach, and administration.

This will include developing programs to track successful completion of projects through experimental design, team formation, execution, and closeout.

25% Primary duties will include: developing new methods, optimizations, and standard operating procedures to ensure research and scientific coordination throughout the Center; provide project management advice to researchers/scientists and teams; provide administration and technical advice on the function of facilities; serve as primary point of contact with Campus partners (SMPH, CALS, UW Health, Swine Facility, VCGRE etc.); prepare research results generated by researchers for presentation to internal and external bodies; make presentations on research programs, products, and services; facilitate the submission of scholarly publications and reports; convene the Center Steering Committee for monthly meetings; manage the Center budget; prepare Grants; contribute to securing contracts and managing contract work and deliverables; prepare the Center annual report; and assist with other duties as needed.

25% The Administrative Director will be responsible for building and maintaining effective partnerships with faculty, staff, research partners, and industry collaborators. The individual will be responsible for developing an industrial outreach, development, and service program that facilitates interactions between industries involved in CBSRI related research, activities, and opportunities. The individual will be responsible for maintaining good relations with WARF, CALS, SMPH, UWH, campus, and technology transfer groups to ensure that intellectual property generated from the research activities of the Center are properly handled. The individual will participate in developing elements of the Center's strategic plan and in defining metrics for how well the unit meets defined research milestones.

25% The individual will support and oversee the day-to-day direction, management, and planning of the Center's infrastructure, quality assurance/regulatory programs, environmental health and safety issues, material transfers, facility use/leasing, and business functions. The individual will represent the Center with various institutions, businesses, and external stakeholders.

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