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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 234213

Position Summary:
Provides general administrative support, while exercising discretion, for the College of Letters and Science Teaching and Learning Administration Unit (TLA) and undergraduate education, related and associated programs and committees as appropriate and directed.

Principal duties:
(45%) Provides administrative, logistical and coordination support for TLA Unit
- Provides assistance to the L&S Online Undergraduate Degree Program
- Provides assistance to Short-term staff (STS), Teaching Assistant (TA), and Summer staffing requests and approval processes.
- Provides assistance to TLA related and associated programs and committees, including Online Undergraduate Degree Programs (OUD), L&S Academic program review process and other associated programs and projects.
- Plans and coordinates approximately 15 events/meetings each year in relation to L&S TLA including TA training, brown bags and related events, award receptions, and any other events throughout the year.

(35%) Serves as L&S Interdisciplinary subject listing Curricular Representative
- Manages complex schedule of courses.
- Assists students with registration issues.
- Facilitates administration of course teaching evaluations.

(10%) Business support for TLA
- Works with TLA team to develop and maintain TLA Knowledge Base (KB) documents, websites, electronic portals, handbooks, and publications related to the work of the TLA office.
- Prepares and processes all event invoices, e-reimbursements, and other accounting forms associated with the TLA Unit. Ensures compliance with University rules, regulations, and policies. Maintains appropriate files and records of these operations.
- Coordinates and arranges travel for the TLA Unit staff. Tracks and reconciles accounts and tracks expenditures.

(10%) Other duties as assigned.
- Participates in professional development and training opportunities.

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