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PVL # 234201

Position Summary:
A position is available in the Virology Services Unit at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC). The successful applicant for this position will work in a collaborative environment to provide technical support for virology research conducted by investigators served by the Unit. The main research area served by this position will be studying the pathogenesis of viruses of pandemic concern (e.g. HIV, influenza), as well as newly emerging viruses (including Zika virus and COVID-19), using nonhuman primate (NHP) models. The work will need to be thoroughly and effectively documented in laboratory notebooks and online databases. The Unit serves investigators based at UW-Madison, nationwide, and internationally. Duties will include coordinating shipment and receipt of samples from, and communicating experimental results to, investigators outside UW. The applicant will also be responsible for standardizing protocols, developing new ones, and effectively transferring knowledge and techniques to outside laboratories. Excellent communication skills are essential.

Principal duties:
Duties will include, but will not be limited to:
-Perform quantitative RT-PCR assays to track virus replication in tissue culture and/or in vivo (40%)
-Prepare and present reports of experimental findings for internal and outside scientists (15%)
-Develop novel quantitative RT-PCR assays to detect viruses, measure viral fitness and track viral evolution (10%)
-Perform quality control experiments and troubleshooting (10%)
-Produce, characterize and archive standard stocks of viruses to be used in tissue culture and in animal challenges (10%)
-Standardize protocols, develop new ones, and effectively transfer knowledge and techniques to outside laboratories (5%)
-Coordinate shipment and receipt of samples from, and communicate experimental results to, investigators outside UW (5%)
-Sequence viral genomes or genomic regions to understand virus evolution in vivo (5%)

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