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PVL # 234193

Position Summary:
The College of Letters and Science (L&S) Online Degree Coordinator contributes to the development, implementation, administration, coordination, and evaluation of the L&S Online Undergraduate Degree Programs (OUDs) at the college level. Works closely with L&S departments that offer courses for the L&S OUD(s) and other campus OUDs, as well as with L&S Teaching & Learning and other L&S Administrative units. Participates in other Teaching & Learning curricular and planning projects. Serves as a member of the Teaching & Learning Administration team and reports to the Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning.

Responsible for administration of new and emerging L&S Online Undergraduate Degree Program initiative to ensure effectiveness of instructional plans in meeting departmental, instructional academic staff, faculty and student development goals and initiatives. A large component involves independent planning and coordination with departments on course offerings, advise departments on staffing and budget planning, and coordination with senior staff to solve issues. Strives to create a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive work environment.

Principal duties:
(30%) Manages and coordinates the L&S course offering for the UW online degree programs
- Independently responsible for monitoring L&S course offerings for the UW online degree programs.
- Determines the procedure and schedule for tracking course offerings, making sure the courses are scheduled according to mandated course carousels and set up correctly in SIS, and that instructors are selected and assigned to these courses.
- Advises departments on class scheduling, enrollment caps and questions related to the OUD course array, carousels, etc.
- Ensures adherence to appropriate policies and procedures for staffing, budget and course scheduling.
- Coordinates with colleagues in L&S administration who administer the L&S online major(s). Provides assistance with assessment and administrative assistance as directed by the associate dean for teaching and learning administration.
- Represents L&S Administration at meetings and as directed.

(25%) Manages budgetary and personnel processes for the L&S online courses for the UW online degree programs
- Independently responsible for monitoring hiring and staffing process for L&S online course development and instruction for the UW online degree programs.
- Maintains budget records and analyze program costs and progress to self-sufficiency.
- Determines the procedure and schedule for tracking course development that works with Departments, Course Developer, Instructional Design Center, Human Resources and the Budget Office.
- Advises departments regarding personnel rules and regulations and L&S funding allocations.
- Works with departments to resolve problems and obtain additional information as needed.
- Serves as point of contact for L&S Human Resources for all issues involving Online degree program appointments.

(20%) Manages and coordinates the curricular administration of L&S OUD(s)
- Coordinates the work and provides professional support to the OUD(s) governing committee(s) to make decisions about requirements. Advises committee on related curricular issues.
- Advises departments and campus partners on related curricular issues, OUD(s) program requirements.
- Coordinates course transfer evaluations with CES(RO) and other partners.
- Coordinates and implements the assessment plans for OUDs.

(15%) Partners in Teaching and Learning Administration's activities.
- Researches and implements TLA best practices in residential programs' curricular, financial and staffing projects.

(10%) Other Duties as assigned.

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