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PVL # 233584

Position Summary:
Supports the operational activities of a greenhouse facility, maintains plant production, records, and maintenance to ensure operational efficiencies.

This position supports the production of hydroponic potato tubers in pest-protected greenhouses for subsequent field planting. The position prepares multiple greenhouses for planting, implements planting and crop care during early stages of growth. The positions support the daily operations of the greenhouse systems, including walk-in cooler checks, monitoring for pests and disease, maintaining biosecurity. The position participates in the regular harvest, inventory, and storage of tubers as part of a team. The position cleans and sanitizes facilities at conclusion of crop cycles

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Principal duties:
60% Executes the technical day-to-day operational activities of a greenhouse complex, botanical garden, or plant research project(s)

10% Plans and implements instructional plant production schedules; determines and implements proper cultural practices for plant materials, disease and pest control practices, and plant requirements for light, temperature, moisture, and nutrition

5% Coordinates the maintenance of a greenhouse facility, equipment, and environmental controls. May coordinate the care of animals and other organisms

10% Maintains records of plant acquisitions and of greenhouse/garden activities and schedules

5% Trains, assists, and monitors the work of students and unit staff as needed

Unique Responsibilities

5% Performs sanitation in compliance with standard operating procedures for limiting plant disease

5% Monitor daily operational status of greenhouse systems, mini-tuber cold stores, provide for and train back-up support to essential functions of systems.

Serves as a horticultural expert and consultant to internal and external stakeholders. May assist with laboratory demonstrations when necessary

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