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PVL # 233551

Position Summary:
The School of Human Ecology's Child Development Lab (CDL) is a child development and early learning program for community children and also a teaching and research laboratory for University students, faculty and staff. We offer year round programs for children ages 6 weeks-5 years. We are a community partner with the Madison Metropolitan School District to provide 4K programming with licensed teachers. We have a tripartite mission: (1) to provide UW students with carefully supervised training opportunities associated with their course of study; (2) to provide a population and a setting in which UW faculty and students can conduct research on issues related to child development, early learning, family studies and other related areas; and (3) to engage in outreach activities, such as hosting professionals and scholars from around the world, serving on committees, providing continuing education to other teachers in the community and helping organize community service projects. The Child Development Lab has provided excellence in early childhood education, research, and teacher training for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and college students since its inception in 1926.

Principal duties:
1. Take the lead responsibility in developing, planning, implementing and evaluating developmental/educational early childhood (daily) program for a group of children/assigned classroom in collaboration with team members, families and other agencies, as needed.

2. Develop and evaluate individualized/developmental educational plans for typically developing children as well as those with special needs and behavioral challenges, in collaboration with classroom team members, family, and other agencies, as needed.

3. Contribute to the effective operation of the overall program, operating within a multidisciplinary team and co-teaching staff.

4. Be responsible for the environment; arrangement of space, setting and materials in the classroom and outdoor play areas, to ensure a safe, clean, orderly, developmentally appropriate, child-centered environment.

5. Maintain various types of regular, ongoing communication and implement a parent and student participation program.

6. Support, consult with and advise staff, parents, college students and researchers regarding issues related to child development and early education, best practices and guidance. Conduct minimum of two parent-teacher conferences per academic year, and complete portfolios and written summaries of children's developmental progress.

7. Attend all classroom team meetings and staff meetings, as scheduled, including participation in scheduled in-service/continuing education and family community building events.

8. Supervise and mentor classroom student employees and interns, and provide a supportive environment for facilitating faculty, graduate and undergraduate student research and teaching that is conducted within the Child Development Lab.

9. Follow all policies and procedures including all required standards and regulations.

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