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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 233328

Position Summary:
Reporting to the Director of Marketing, the Marketing Specialist contributes to strategy development and implements marketing projects in support of marketing goals.

With nationally recognized online degree programs, short courses, certificate programs and more, UW Madisons Office of Engineering Professional Development continues to be a pioneer in continuing education. Founded in 1949, we help students learn the technical skills they need to do their jobs better and empower them with confidence and motivation to take their careers to the next level.

Principal duties:
(40%) Develops, implements, and disseminates marketing materials through various communication mediums utilizing appropriate technologies and techniques
-Content development and writing for marketing pieces targeted at diverse audiences
-Create, update, and publish content on website and social media
(30%) Develops, implements, and maintains strategic marketing plans based on research and established strategies
(20%) Collects, analyzes, prepares, summarizes, and disseminates data and trends relevant to ongoing or future marketing activities
(10%) Marketing support
-Develop relationships with UW staff, vendors, and other content producers
-Serve as an active participant on internal and external relations teams as requested
-Attend or contribute to events as requested
-Back up other marketing areas as needed

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