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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 233317

Position Summary:
The Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center is seeking candidates for a leadership role in coordinating day-to-day operations of the IceCube Neutrino Detector, as well as to develop new experimental hardware for future extensions of the IceCube detector. The ideal candidate will possess expertise in detector operations including monitoring detector health and reviewing special operations plans, as well as experience in physics instrumentation development.

Principal duties:
WIPAC is the lead institution for the ongoing operation of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory as well as a key partner in instrumentation design/testing for the IceCube Upgrade extension project underway and the proposed IceCube Gen2 detector. The successful candidate will work closely with the Detector Operations Manager to coordinate day-to-day detector operations activities, with a focus on detector monitoring, special operations, and contractor logistics. The successful candidate will also develop novel instrumentation hardware, software, and/or calibrations for the IceCube Upgrade, to ensure new detector systems are tightly integrated into the existing operations frameworks. This includes work with both standard IceCube digital optical modules as well as other instrumentation such as cosmic ray surface detectors, in-ice dark matter detectors, and calibration devices. The successful candidate will also prepare publications on detector and/or operations topics, assist with grant applications and report documents, and present on research progress at national and international meetings and conferences.

30% Develop and test research instrumentation for IceCube and extensions
25% Coordinate operations for the IceCube Observatory
15% Lead ongoing development of the IceCube monitoring system
10% Contribute to calibration and support framework design for the IceCube Upgrade
5% Coordinate scientific support and logistics with the Antarctic support contractor
5% Prepare written reports for publication and funding agencies
5% Present new findings to appropriate national and international meetings
5% Assist in developing grant applications and proposals to secure research funding.

An ability and willingness to deploy to the South Pole Station, Antarctica, during the austral summer season for periods of 3-4 weeks is desirable, but not required.

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