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PVL # 233197

Position Summary:
This Associate Extension Educator position will primarily serve Milwaukee County Wisconsin.

The Associate Extension Educator supports Science Youth Development programs including clubs, volunteers, educational experiences, and science fairs. The Extension Associate delivers pre-designed curricula and services aligned with the position's programmatic focus under the direction of the 4-H/Youth Development Coordinator. Initial programming focus will include:
1. Contribute to the programmatic support of Science Youth Development educational programs in Milwaukee County
2. Deliver educational programming in a school/afterschool setting focused on access to Science curriculum and resources

This individual will apply University of Wisconsin's research, education and outreach resources to address locally identified needs and opportunities.

Principal duties:
Programming (50%) - Under the direction of the 4-H/Youth Development Coordinator, the Associate Extension Educator will do the following:
1. Utilize knowledge of local communities and audiences in Milwaukee County to provide relevant educational programming;
2. Provide assistance with marketing educational programs including the development and implementation of an effective communication strategy that engages the community and the development of marketing program flyers and other marketing strategies;
3. Coordinate with schools to develop partnerships that includes facility use agreements;
4. Recruit, develop, manage, and coordinate volunteer leadership responsible for delivering community and after school educational programming including day-to-day management;
5. Plan events, fairs, and field trips that engage youth and volunteers;
6. Collaborate with 4-H Youth Development program to coordinate activities related to Science and Science careers;
7. Support volunteers in delivering culturally relevant, direct educational programming with an evidence-based or approved curriculum using learner-centered activities and content;
8. Expand access by reaching and engaging diverse audiences and ensuring full access to programs, facilities, and educational services.

Collaboration & Relationships (40%)
1. Collaborate with local colleagues to promote a positive office environment;
2. Develop strong relationships with volunteers;
3. Develop and maintain respectful working relationships;
4. Promote Extension and its programs to build greater access, visibility and value.

Administrative & Programmatic Accountability (10%)
1. The primary accountability relationship for this position is the Area Extension Director (area 21) for supervision, compensation and benefits, and performance reviews.
2. Reports to the 4-H Youth Development Coordinator and the Area Extension Director;
3. Works with the 4-H Youth Development Coordinator and local partners to identify programming needs;
4. Creates an annual plan of work that connects to the larger program objectives of the 4-H/Youth Development Coordinator's programming;
5. Participate in relevant training and professional development;
6. Communicate regularly and appropriately with direct supervisors, colleagues and program partners;
7. Be responsive to evolving position, program, office and organizational needs;
8. Perform adjusted or additional duties as requested by supervisor;
9. Assist in team effort to develop additional funding partnerships for educational program;
10. Maintain organized program participation and evaluation records and report results in a timely manner;
11. Submit reports that meet the requirements, policies, and established practices of Extension and partners, including federal Civil Rights requirements.

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